[Dec 28, 2013] Norcal: EXITWOUNDS (Martinez, CA)


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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I'd like to announce the first ever tournament at Dope Dojo in Norcal. This will definitely be a tournament to not miss. We'll be bringing both SC2 and SC5 to the table. I am hoping to bring some of the older school players out of retirement for this one. Also looking forward to seeing some new faces. I'm also looking to get some Socal players up here if we can. I know a few I've talked to already who are down to come. Looking forward to playing you all. Also a special invitation to Exitwounds. I talked to him before SC2HD came out and he was down to travel if he could. We'll do what we can to get you up here dude. The MM vs Hates would be pretty hype.


Dope Dojo
2739 Alhambra Ave
Martinez, CA

Tournament Games:

Soul Calibur 2
Soul Calibur 5

Tournament Rules:

Unmodified Official 8WayRun.Com

Tournament Ruleset http://www.8wayrun.com/wiki/tournament-ruleset/

Tourney Fees:

$5.00 Venue Fee

$10.00 Per Game


To anyone who hasn't been to Dope Dojo, its a great venue. Lots of space and no surrounding buildings to complain about noise. Some of the venue fee will be going to food. There will be hotdogs and probably other stuff being cooked. We can provide some housing for anyone traveling. There are also hotels within walking distance of the venue, stores also. For any information you need, feel free to contact me.
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This sounds fun and a 12 hour drive ain't to bad. If someone can help me out with a place to crash I will most likely be able to go.

That's tight man, we definitely have a place for you to crash.


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I should be able to make it, since i'll be in the Sacramento area around this time, which isnt too far from the venue. I mean i'd try to go regardless, but this just makes things easier.


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Wish I'd go but I have plans during that date before new years eve and all. Btw I'm a friend of the dope dojo group who plays with them usually online.