Disappearing wallpaper

My wallpaper background keeps disappearing. After I close the internet browser, reboot, or even leave the computer running for a while, it just vanishes, leaving a solid black background.

I've run Malwarebytes' Malware Protection scan a few times and it says I have no maleware. I've made sure the computer has a clean boot, so no third-party programs are doing it.

Why is this happening and how can I fix it?

I have Windows Vista, by the way.
Well, I'm going to try to install the service pack 2 and see how things go.

I swear though, I googled like crazy and couldn't find anything. Oh well. I really hope this works.

Thanks man!
Welp... I can't get service pack 2 because I don't have service pack 1. I can't get service pack 1 because my version of Vista isn't "Genuine."


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It looks like your computer thinks you didn't buy your copy of Windows, hence why your screen keeps going black. I think it will say that your copy of windows is not genuine at the bottom right hand of the screen. You might try doing a system restore or even a factory image restore and see if that helps.


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You can always download windows vista from a torrent, burn to a cd and install it that way using the serial you got from purchasing. It will will wipe everything and fresh install windows on your pc.


How are you selecting your wallpaper? Are you finding a webpage on the internet, and right clicking the image and selecting "set as desktop background"? If so, of course its disappearing! When you set your desktop background, it does not create an instance for the image, it uses the image wherever it is. If the image is loaded into your browser cache, which would happen if its on a webpage, then the image will disappear when your cache clears. Depending on your settings, that could be when you reboot, periodically, or even when you close your browser!

Save the image to your computer, then set it as your desktop wallpaper.
Well, I have been saving them to my computer.

And I may just do that Cone. Seems like I don't have many other options.


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now did your pc come with windows vista pre installed or did you buy it separately? thats weird it would be saying that its not genuine unless it was pirated or something.


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Yeah, unless you pirated it or something, it shouldn't be saying that it's not genuine.

If you want to try re-formatting and reinstalling the OS, try restarting your computer and pressing Esc, F2 or F12 at the bootup screen. (Different models will vary) Your computer may have a built in recovery option. Look around.
Well, I think it came with Vista installed. However, I don't think anyone ever used the activation key. I've tried putting the activation key in, but the key is printed on a label that is ripped above two of the digits. So, instead of 25 digits, I can only decipher 23 of the digits. So I can't activate windows.

Also, I just noticed earlier today that whenever the "Activate Windows Now" balloon pops up, my wallpaper disappears. So I think I should activate windows, somehow.

I hate microsoft.
Oh, and SL, my BIOS is password protected. I didn't assign the password, so I don't know it.

And I'm not about to take my laptop apart just to remove the jumper. Is there any other way I could format it?


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Ohhh... Umm, I'm not to sure about that.. I think if you call your PCs manufacturer, they may be able to help you with that, but I'm not too sure. That makes your problem worse though, lol.

edit; I'm doing some google searching now...What make is your PC? and the model if you know?