do you think SFxT will hurt SCV?

Discussion in 'Soulcalibur CASUAL' started by eyedea, Mar 5, 2012.

  1. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    I looked it up and heart it was because Karin is actually a manga character. In order to put her in the game, it would require some complicated stuff I didn't pay attention to.

    Oh btw guys, I got the game today! I actually really do enjoy it! Team Asuka + Lili and Team Xiaoyu + Juri ftw!
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  2. Amanda

    Amanda [12] Conqueror

    Believe me...if ya found/have/got a partner..then you will really really love this game ;)
  3. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    Wait how does that partner thing go? you can play with a partner online?
  4. Amanda

    Amanda [12] Conqueror

    jep just go to XBL/PSN options from the main menue, there is a few options...rankings, multi(endless/scramble etc) below option there you should/could invite some people from your list.
    Just look a lil bit around ;)
    Hope i could help.
  5. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    If ya got a PS3 @_@
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  6. Amanda

    Amanda [12] Conqueror

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  7. Kai_lombax

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    I thought i'd see palestine and the jews come together before I see DoA and VF get along.
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  8. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    Off topic but people I think should be nerfed.

    Natsu: Her damage is way too high for a fast character. Plus she has too much combo potential.
    Pyrrha/Omega: Her stab is way to fast/damaging. It is nearly impossible to sidestep.

    That's pretty much it.
  9. Amanda

    Amanda [12] Conqueror

    Ehm...sure its impossible to sidestep if ya get punished ;)
    But joke aside..i know what ya mean.
    I think there are many things they could patch...but i believe in namco.
    Is anyone here active on the Gamefaqs site??
    There are many funny threads for
    Pure Entertainment !
  10. MntT77

    MntT77 [10] Knight

    I don't think that SFxT will hurt SCV too badly tbh. Believe or not, quite a few people play more than one fighting game at once (I'm currently playing SCV and MK9, which reminds me that I haven't played Tekken 6 for months now!)

    I'm not actually sure if I plan on buying SFxT or not. I'm sure I will at some point, but not straight away. SSFIV was solid, even though I was terrible at it...
  11. Misty_Chaos

    Misty_Chaos [04] Fighter

    Speaking as a SF player who recently got SFxT, I am going to be brutally honest and say to those who are on the fence about this game to not bother with it.

    Why? The game is nothing more than a rushed piece of cash grab garbage with a heavy basis towards the Playstation 3 / Vita versions ( something that shouldn't happen imo ) The result of this basis is that the Xbox360 version has sufficient bugs, the worst 2 being input problems on many Xbox controllers and an advertised feature ( two local players being able to play online together ) not working on the Xbox360 version. That is on top of the Playstation versions getting additional free / guest characters that 360 users will either not get or will probably have to pay for.

    The netcode is stable but there is one serious problem; The sound effects and voices cuts out. I shouldn't have to get used to this, this outright shouldn't be in a game released in the year 2012! What the hell happened here!?

    Need I mention that within the space of week not one but FOUR infinites have being found? Many of these infinites aren't even that hard to do and that is probably the tip of he iceberg at that as well!

    Then there is the whole DLC controversy, where there are 12 locked characters who potentially may not be released for months because Capcom are pandering to the Playstation Vita version, which isn't coming out until the autumn, what about the issue of DLC and gems and get this, dlc colours!

    All of this has soured the whole experience for me. The only I am still playing it is because that there is a few tournaments coming up soon and the fact my main from SF4, Juri is damn good in this game and even that is pushing it!

    I am well aware that Soul Calibur 5 was rushed as well and in spite of all the problems SCV suffers with, it still managed to tick the right boxes where it counted, not to mention have the best netcode of any fighting game I've played this generation. SFxT on the other is nothing more than a cash grab and I desire to see it crash and burn in order to teach Capcom a lesson about rushing out bug infested games with a hint of console favoritism.

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  12. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    Wait, but do you mean to say that if you only have a 360, not to bother getting it?
  13. Misty_Chaos

    Misty_Chaos [04] Fighter

    I was writing that more around the lines of people who were still on the fence about the game in general whatever they have PS3 or 360. In the end, it's your own choice on whatever to get the game or not.
  14. OniNeko

    OniNeko [02] Apprentice


    Seems okay, played it at a friends house.
    Not really feeling it though.
  15. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    I got it for Asuka/Lili, Jin/Xiaoyu, Juri, Cammy/Chun-Li, and Sakura/Karin (Unfortunately KARIN ISN'T IN THE GAME!!!!)
  16. CrazyYoshimitsu

    CrazyYoshimitsu [10] Knight

    SFXT is starting to fall a part. It won't do shit to mk9, SC5, or any other fighter that actually cares about their fans.

    Edit: I might not get SFXT since Yoshi is trash tier.
  17. hotX

    hotX [10] Knight

    And the colors are free. So why are they even being released as DLC?
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  18. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    Ehhhh? Is it really?
  19. CrazyYoshimitsu

    CrazyYoshimitsu [10] Knight

    In my opinion anyways. There is a ton of drama with dlc, gems, and balance.

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