Does anyone ever go back to play this game.


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Despite apparently being very un-balenced and with broken characters. SC3 will be my favorite SC (Unless Namco decides to make SCV)

Y? The Epic music, the costumes the extra modes (Chronicles of the Sword kicked so much ass) the character creation stuff was much better than the stuff they give us in SCIV IMO.

Also the many different CaS styles that did not return in SCIV i always though Grieve Edge was if a SC player mastered kicking.

I can recall several songs from SCIII while I find SCIV's soundtrack to be very....lacking.
The fact that they brought back classics from SC like Sail Over Storm (Indian Port from SC1, Maxi's stage) and The New Legend (Proving Grounds from SC1, Kilik's Stage) Also The Lost Catherdral's music is just made of epicness.

SCII was not broken at all and was presented excellently and it had fucking Link. From the success of SCII Namco tried to do the same with SC3 but add tons of shit, Too bad they forgot to focus on the main-thing the fighting. Doesen't bother me too much IMO. I've been trying to recreate Siegfried 2P Costume on SCIV because that costume was made of win.

I have two copies of SC3 Both are very scratched. I just wish I could play them again.


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i always go back to this game to spam with tira :)
i think she looks wicked in sc4 but in sc3 her outfit had so much more style and looked alot better also loved her hair and the make up :(
they should let you download the old sc3 costumes or something


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for me i loved soul calibur III and that was my first soul calibur game. I can't get over it but sadly i haven't played it every since i got my ps3 like 4 years ago. I started playing IV then moved on to V. I wish though they redo the game it would be intreasting though with better graphics ^_^ oh also i would like to see all those other challenges like chronicles of the swords and as well survival mode ^_^


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The thing about sc3, is that even though it was unbalanced and glitchy, I still found it to be more fun than sc4.

it was a hell of a lot faster, for one thing, and there was no critical gauge (I fucking hated that mechanic).

I went back and tried all the older SC games that I own: sc2, 3 and 4. Sc2 is still fun to me, I don't really care for sc3, and I fucking hated sc4. Maybe it was the slow speed and heavy emphasis on turtling that I hated so much about sc4.

2 and 5 are tied for my favorite SC games.


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I sometimes feel like slipping this in to play it myself. Also when I first learned how to use Nighty somewhat right I went back with the urge to see if he was like this in 3. I actually really like this game aside from some of the cheap CPU moments. I also miss how Zas's 66BB doesn't send opponents as high in SC4. Also since my friend don't have a PS3 I ussually take this over to play with them instead. Nothing is more fun than using Rock in that game to kick the character like no tommorow. Also my favorite version of Raph is on there. I haven't really got used to the changes of 4's version yet. So does anyone else ever go back to this game for any reason.

I would so much. But sadly, my PS2 is beat.
I miss so much about this game. Crispin Freeman as Siegfried (holy chant: haaaa~-aaah). Also, the last game to have Takashi Naga-f'kin'-sako as Cervantes (Sorry, Jin Urayama but , you were great as Rei's father in Highschool of the dead, but not good for Cervantes though), Jin Urayama's laugh in IV and IV don't cut it. Oh and above that, the last game to have Michiko Neya as Soph and Canna as Maxi. Like really Legends~IV~V/Lost Swords, why is she given Sakura's voice from Naruto?!
I don't know why, but right when they cut out Canna as Maxi's voice, his Japanese voice continues to be inconsistent. Legends he wasn't in, IV he gets Mifune from Soul Eater, V he gets..well...I never heard of who plays him.

Also, Zasalamel in this game is at the very least..interesting. IV, he's justa dickhole.
*shadowed character* *epic backstory* 'I want to die..', such and such.
*summons apparition of sieg's father to fuck with him.
SIEG: "How dare you... How dare you do something like this! Unforgivable!"
Zas.: "Now do you remember who you are?"
Honestly, dude Sieg's been through enough, just leave 'im alone. Also, what happened to wanting to die so
much 'zas? 'Man, i wanna die, but fuck it, I'll just fuck with people's lives.'

Aven Kujo-Gin

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I still play sometimes. Mostly because I love the movelists in this game. Especially for Raphael, Astaroth, Nightmare, Arthur, Miser, Mitsurugi, Hwang, Setsuka, Seung Mi-na, Zasalamel, Tira... Well, mostly everyone xD


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i still play it for the bonus characters and the mini missions. also the story mode where you use your very own created character.


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I recently picked up the greatest hits version of sc3, which is supposed to fix most of the bugs. I've been playing it, and the singleplayer content is great.

But does anyone know if the greatest hits version fixed that memory carp wipe? Does that glitch apply to ps3 as well?


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Bumping this thread. Incredibly fun game to play casually and try-Harding with friends in standard versus. Gentlemen's agreement to not 2[GG]. the only problem I have is trying to unlock characters that are in like stage 8 or 9 of a characters ToS. I really want to unlock Hwang since my memory card got wiped, but the fact that the A.I. reads strings and side-stepping against them is pretty useless past stage 7 is a real problem. I just want my boy back. :sc3hwang1: