Does anyone ever go back to play this game.


[08] Mercenary
I sometimes feel like slipping this in to play it myself. Also when I first learned how to use Nighty somewhat right I went back with the urge to see if he was like this in 3. I actually really like this game aside from some of the cheap CPU moments. I also miss how Zas's 66BB doesn't send opponents as high in SC4. Also since my friend don't have a PS3 I ussually take this over to play with them instead. Nothing is more fun than using Rock in that game to kick the character like no tommorow. Also my favorite version of Raph is on there. I haven't really got used to the changes of 4's version yet. So does anyone else ever go back to this game for any reason.


[09] Warrior
I come back to this because it's the only Soul Calibut I can play "portably" on my PS2 and attached LCD screen. That and it's more fun than SC4 but obviously less balanced.


[08] Mercenary
I play it every so often.

SC3 was fun, and I have a lot of good memories associated with it.


[08] Mercenary
Not much anymore. Once I started playing SC2 more, I realized how glitchy and broken SC3 was. It's a shame really because it's a beautiful game with lots of great modes to it. I really wish Namco had done some proper testing with it cuz if they had and had released a glitch free version, I think this game would have topped SC4.


[08] Mercenary
It probably would have. I really like how Nightmare was designed in this one. I can't seem to make an exact recreation in 4. I also like to go back to this to mess with the bonus characters like strife and revenant. I was really upset when I found out I counldn't unlock a skull head for revenant in SC4.


[08] Mercenary
I did the other day, messed about as Siegfried for a while. I still gotta do all the Night Terror challenges on this one too


night terror...pick x a+k~[a+b]. repeat. knock him down once and he will NEVER block it.

same works on sisters in the colossus hard challenge...the hardest one imo. the ai cheats but is fucking retarded


[10] Knight
I was just playing, and I have one thing to say: Bring back Abelia, plz. I wants my tackles and retarded stun combos.


[08] Mercenary
I hate the collossus challenge. I used a cheat and still counldn't do it. Because making them have one health somehow makes the collossus immortal.


[08] Mercenary
I still consider SC3 the greatest of the series... I could play Chronicles of Swords 'til the apocalypse. Especially with Arthur.


[14] Master
Occasionally, when i want to do some touch-ups on old movesets and some of the CaS styles, but I still do love my SCIV to death. <3