Drew Cassandra, Talim + (Amy WIP)


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Trying to draw Talim.
I still prefer her SC2 outfit but this one is probably my second favourite.

Talim - To edit2.png
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Amy WIP, waiting till EVO Japan before I work on it more.

Is she really going to be playable?



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I suck at drawing with a tablet...

Nice art though. Kindly of curious about what steps you took. I see some outlines for Talim, so I’m kind of curious.


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Honestly I never got the hang of actually “drawing” with a tablet either so I’ve gone back to starting all my pieces in pencil. (Plus it’s nice to have a physical sketch IMO). Screen tablets are supposedly better but I’ve tried both the iPad and Microsoft surface and still find drawing traditionally better. Basically I use my tablet only for lineart and colouring.

For the Talim picture I had to make separate layers for her jacket and hat. Both sets of layers are above the lineart layer so they can be removed without altering the original. Separating details on individual layers can get out of hand but it’s a good way to make alterations.

(It doesn't suit her really).


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Hiya! I've been trying to get into finishing my artwork, I sketch a lot in pencil, but I never really color them, I've been wanting to learn how to do that but I don't know what software would be best for it, could I ask what your using for these? Your shading/coloring is really good btw!