Europe Only SCV PSN Online Tournament (Dec2013) SignUps

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[12] Conqueror
-if interested reply with your PSN ID below (you may ask to have your forum name displayed in the brackets instead of the PSN ID, if you so desire);
-Players from outside of this forum will be allowed to participate. Access to the brackets at Challonge(.com) will be provided to them;
-16 places available.

Rules (breaking any of these rules will result in penalties against you)
-1. No CaS and therefore...
2. No Devil Jin
3. Dampierre, Elysium, Kilik and Edgemaster are allowed
4. Viola backthrow infinite is banned. Other infinites are not allowed.
5. Recolors of standard costumes are okay
6. Standard 8WR tournament rules regarding character lock and stage selection (see here)
7. Double elimination
8. All matches FT3
9. Matches must be completed by the deadline.
10. If you can't get it done before the deadline, tell me and I will see if I can make an extension
11. If your opponent doesn't play by the rules in some way (i.e., they cover themselves in thunder god drums or something), upload the replay and I'll look at it.
13. If you disconnect mid-match: Reconnect, and recreate the number of rounds won and lost from just before you disconnected. For example, if you are up 2 rounds to 1 and then get a DC, start a new match, and then jump off the edge of the ring once, and your opponent jumps out twice. Do not try to recreate any health/meter leads or deficits.
14. Tournament is for the European continent only.
-any issues PM in advance

Applicants (16): awaiting hydrotenten to confirm

Maedhros - Maidros (SRB)
bushindu - bushindu (GBR)
FunkeXMix - FunkeXMix (SWE)
Mage - Mage_8WR (GBR)
drygone (FRA)
thenewperson - thenewperson1 (GBR)
Draxus7 - Draxus7 (POL)
Nethaeru - Nethaeru (NED)
Kojiro_Kirijo - Kojiro_Kirijo (FRA)
Asodimazze - Asodimazze (ITA)
hydrotenten (FRA)
Kalas - KalasSC (GER)
Ne_Takin (RUS)
JonesTMC (NED)
Lintinisi (ITA)

Reserves (1):
Silent_Joel - Joel-85 (GBR)
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Heey, thanks! I slept up to 1pm. xD ... To change the original post. What terrible power moderators have! :O
PSN: KalasSC

But I have to tell you that I won't be able to play until Friday evening (13th). If I cause to much delay, I'll renounce my participation so someone else can play, no problem.
As soon as 4 more people join. After that, I'll try to bring this to an end before the holiday season (It'll take a miracle, tho).
As soon as 5 more people join. After that, I'll try to bring this to an end before the holiday season (It'll take a miracle, tho).
Well I'm about to go on PSN to play some games on SCV, I'll see if I can spread the word.
Lintinisi says he wants to play, can he join the tournament?
I included him already. ;)
This far we have a few Ivys (teehee), a Maxi/Aeon combo, Yoshi, aPatty, 2 Natsus, Elysium, Raphael, Astaroth, Nightmare(s), Leixia, Cervantes, and last but not the least, the Hero King himself. xD Quite a diversity we're fostering here, not bad, not bad. Just 1 more to go, guys.
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