Feel My Wrath: Mitsurugi Matchup Thread


King of Hundred Swords
  • In my reseach I've been relying mostly on usability: I wont post difficult punishment which deals less or slightly more dmg than a simple one.
  • Opponents moves are highlighted in bright yellow and separated from punishments by ":"
  • Punishments are separated from one another by "/"
  • IMR = In Mixup Range, this means within 2KB reach even if opp tries ot backdash. Sometimes I explain stuff, sometimes I just put a frame adv number so that you figure it out yourself.
  • SSL = Side Step Left, SSR = Side Step Right
  • I realize text is not a very convinient way to put data up, so I'll try to make a video later.

Step side: Right

  • 3A : IMR, uninterruptible, 3B can only be QS to the left.
  • 1A : 236B / JG 236B hold
  • BB : on mid block IMR, except when blocked at tip range / JG AA / JG 1st hit ssl 3B
  • 6BBB : Duck 2nd hit, FC 1B
  • 3B : 236B / JG 3B
  • 4B : IMR, BB cant be interrupted.
  • 3KK : duck 2nd hit 236B (4KB)
  • 1K : 236B
  • A+B : duck on reaction 236B hold
  • 2A+B : 66BB
  • 8A+B : JG 236B hold
  • B+K : 6B9 / JG 236B hold
  • 2B+K : IMR(FC)
  • 8B+K : JG 3B / step on reaction punish of choice
  • WS KA : BB / JG 3B
  • WS A+B : BB
  • 66A : IMR +6 except max range block
  • 22_88AA : duck 236B hold
  • 33_99B : IMR, uninterruptible, 3B can only be QS to the left.
  • 11_77B : 6B9 except tip range
  • 33_99_66K : 236B except tip range
  • 11_77K : 236B
  • 33_99_66A+B : IMR 2KB can only be ssr, 236B and faster cannot be avoided.
  • 44KK : duck 236B (4KB)
  • 236AB : step 236B hold or block 236B
  • 236B : 4KB
  • 236K : 3B on close block / 236B on far block
  • 1B* : duck 2nd FC 1BB 33BB
  • 66A* : ssl 236B hold / JG 236B hold
  • 236B* : JG 236B / ssr 3B
  • CE : 4KB
My Guide to ZWEI, you may want to check Okizeme, RO and Frame traps sections: http://8wayrun.com/threads/woof-woof-ultimate-guide-to-zwei.11899/

Step side: Left
  • A hold : Duck 2nd hit, 236B
  • 6A : 6B9
  • 3AA : Duck under 2nd hit, 236B hold
  • 1A : 4KB / JG 236B hold
  • 4A : 236B / 6B9 at far range
  • 4A hold : Step BB
  • B hold : SSL 236B
  • 3B : 236B on close block / 6B9 on far block
  • 1B hold : Duck under 2nd hit, FC 1B
  • 4B : 6B9
  • 4KB : 236B
  • 1K : 236B
  • A+B : 236B
  • 8A+B : IMR +11 / on max range 2nd hit will wiff - 3b is free
  • 4A+B : 3B
  • 6B+K : 236B between hits
  • 6B+KA : duck 236B / JG 3B
  • 6B+KB : Step, 6B9 after second block / JG 2nd hit, 3B
  • WS A : IMR +8
  • WS K : IMR +8
  • 66A : IMR +9
  • 22_88A : 236B
  • 11_77_44A : 236B
  • 66BA : duck 236B
  • 33_99B : AA
  • 22_88BB : 6B9 / 3B
  • 11_77_44B : interrupt on reaction
  • 66A+B : JG first hit step left, BB
  • 66B+K : 3B
  • KF A : 6B9 or duck 236B
  • KF B : JG 3B
  • 3A* : 236B / JG 236B hold
  • 1K* : step BB
  • CE : 33B/66BB

Step side: Left

PO = Possession (214)
HO = Hover (PO 8)
DB = Distorted Breeze (2_8B+K)
WR = Wind Roll (6B+K)

  • AAB : 6B9
  • A6 : 6B9
  • AA6 : BB if you’re hesitant use mixup instead
  • 6AB : AA / ssl 236B,3B / JG 3B
  • 6AK : Duck 236B / JG BB / IMR +8
  • 1A : 66BB (4KB is easier) / JG 236B hold
  • 4A : 236B
  • BBK : Duck 236B / JG BB
  • BB4A+B : jump 236B / IMR +8 / JG WS B you can sort react to bomb here if you anticipate.
  • BK series : Duck 236B (you can do this on reaction, so no mixup between BK and BB)
  • 3B : 236B / b6 max range block
  • 4B : 6B9
  • 41236B : JG 236B hold / step on reaction 236B hold
  • KKK : 6B9 / duck 236B / on far block you can duck FC 1B second hit.
  • KK2K : WS K / JG 236B / hold down and JG last hit, 236B, if taki opts for KKK you still get to punish it.
  • 6KA : IMR, 1B cant be interrupted and backdashed, can be only stepped left, where 2K tracks. At close block 2K cannot be backdashed.
  • 3KKK : 6B9 / JG 3B
  • 3KKB+K : 3B. You have enough time to react and interrupt her stance with fast pokes.
  • 2KK : 4B after 1st block / IMR +8 FC / JG AA possible on first hit too
  • 4KK : WS K / JG 236B
  • A+B : IMR +12 (only mid-close block) mixup with 66B or 4KB to beat A+B4
  • 6A+B : 1B
  • 2A+B : JG 6B9 / 9B on reaction / if you're fast 8G,3B or 8A+B
  • 4A+B : JG 236B / 9G BT B+K on reaction / 9B on reaction
  • 8A+B : 66A+B
  • FC 3KK : 4B after 1st block / IMR +9 (2KB/3B cant be interrupted) / JG 236B
  • WS AAA : 236B / JG 236B hold / o.s. between JG and 3B (for WS AAA4) possible
  • WS AAA4 : react and pusnih with 3B
  • WS K : IMR +6 (BB cant be interrupted)
  • WS B4A+B : jump 2A / JG WS B
  • Jumping KA : BB
  • 33_99_66AB : 6B9 might be easier to punish with 1B / JG 3B
  • 33_99_66AB4 : react and punish with 1B
  • 11_77A : 4KBB
  • 44A : 6B9
  • 33_99+66B : BB (notice that if Taki goes into PO she can evade your BB with hover, you’re still safe), safe at max range
  • 66K : 236B
  • 33_99K : duck 236B
  • 22_88KA : 236B only if both hits are blocked / 66K(BT B+K,3B) after blocking first hit, beats all variations of 22K
  • 11_77K : IMR +7 FC / JG 236B
  • 44K : 236B / JG 236B hold
  • BT BA : hold 2G after blocking 1st hit, AA , 6B9 is possible too / 1B inbetween hits
  • PO A6(just) : duck 2nd hit, 236B hold , like you’ve guessed after ducking this you get pretty much anything.
  • PO B : JG 3B
  • PO K : 66BB or 4KB (easy)
  • PO A+B : react w 4B / step is possible but hard / JG 3B
  • PO B+K : 6B2 (blockable on reaction btw) / JG 66A+B
  • HO B : IMR +8 (ws A cant be interrupted) / react to HO with backdash&punish watch out for fake hover PO B
  • HO A : react to HO with backdash&punish, watch out for fake hover PO B
  • HO A+B : JG 66A+B
  • WR A : 6B9
  • WR BBB : 66B, then B+K (only 1B combos here) , 66B will punish all cancels.
  • WR K : JG AA
  • DB A : IMR +6
  • DB KA : same as 22KA
  • 33_66_99B* : JG 3B / duck 236B hold
Cant JG CE’e consistanly for some reason so idk how you punish that.

BT 8A+B is SAFE (guide data wrong)
Nothing off BT A+B and HO A_B JG’s is just sad TT


Step side: Left / Exceptions: 3B
  • AAB : BB / JG 3B
  • 6A hold : 1B
  • 3AA : 4B after 1st block / JG AA
  • BB : JG AA
  • 6BA : Duck 236B / JG 236B
  • 6BAB : If you’re quick there is no mixup. You can also JG as if 6BA is coming and then step on reaction.
  • 3B : IMR uninterruptible, unsteppable, except far block
  • 4BB : step after first block, punish.
  • 4BBK : there is no mixup, step+punish hits before K.
  • 6KK : 236B / JG 3B / ss 236B hold between hits
  • 2K : ws K
  • 1KK : any jumping move / JG ws K
  • A+B : 6B9 / JG 3B
  • 3A+B : IMR, 2KB can be backdashed and will hit WS B, 3B will hit backdash. 1B will beat all X does, including 44B (wiffs vs WSB , but you can block in time)
  • 4A+B : JG 236B / QSL 3B
  • 4A+BB : step to the left, 3B, there is no mixup as you can JG and then step on reaction.
  • 6B+K : JG AA
  • 2B+K : 6B9 gorund stopm / JG 3B guard break
  • 3B+K,K : step between hits, 3B / 66K(BT B+K, 6B2) between hits
  • 8B+K : IMR +6
  • FC 3B : IMR +10, 3B will hit backdash.
  • FC 3BB : step on anticipation 3B.
  • FC A+B : 9B on reaction / JG 236B
  • WS A+B : duck 2nd hit, 236B , beats all versions
  • WS A : IMR +10 (3B will hit backdash)
  • WS B : 236B
  • 9K : 6B9
  • 33_99_66AA : JG 3B / IMR +12 (2KB beats WS B)
  • 11AA : 236B in between
  • 44A : IMR +12
  • 44A hold : JG AA
  • 44AB : JG 236B
  • 66BB : ssr, 3B precise timing / JG 236B
  • 33BB : K/ JG 236B
  • 22_88B : K
  • 44B : 4KB (beats 44B4)
  • 33_99_66K : IMR +10
  • 22_88K : 236B
  • 22kAA series : JG 3rd hit, 236B / BB after 3nd block / JG 2nd hit SS / block 3 first hits, SS.
  • 11_77K : JG AA
  • OTG A+B : 1B on hit / 6B2 on guard
  • AA* : as in 4BB
  • WS B* : if you step to the left, partial hit often occurs, punish w 3B / JG AA (you need to JG all 3 hits, timing is slightly different on 2nd and 3rd hit, so beware)
Full JG data: http://8wayrun.com/threads/feel-my-wrath-mitsurugi-matchup-thread.11033/page-5#post-451537

Step Side: Left / Exceptions : 66_33_99B
  • 1A : 236B / JG 66BB
  • BB : JG AA
  • 6B2_6B2(just) : JG 236B
  • 3B : 236B / JG 3B
  • 3B* : ssr 3B (if youre quick 236B hold) / JG BB
  • 4B : JG 3B
  • bA : 66BB / JG 236B hold
  • 236B : 236B
  • 2KB : 3B / JG 236B hold / QSR 66A+B,66BB(101)
  • 2KB (hit) : 236B
  • 4KB : JG 2nd hit 236B / ssl 2nd hit 3B
  • kB : 236B
  • B+K : b6
  • BT B+K : JG 3B
  • 44A : JG 3B
  • 22B : JG 3B
  • 33_99_66B : AA
  • 33_99_66BB : 66BB
  • 11BA : duck 2nd hit, 236B
  • FMD B : JG 3B
  • MST A+B : JG 236B
  • MST KB : Duck 2nd hit, 236B hold
  • CE : 66BB

Step Side: Left
  • 6ABB : 236B / Duck 2nd hit, punish of choice / JG 3B
  • 1A : 236B
  • 4AB8_2B : Duck 2nd hit 236B hold
  • BB : IMR+8 except tip range / JG 236B
  • 4B : b6 / JG 3B
  • 6K2 : 236B
  • A+B : 3A
  • B+K : interrupt on reaction
  • 6B+K : 66A+B you can cancel with G reacting to Ezio sideroll and block the low crossbow hit.
  • 66B+K2_8 : 1A
  • 2B+K : 66A+B
  • 4B+K : 66A+B
  • 2K_FC K : WS K
  • WS BB : 4B between hits / SSL 3B / JG 236B
  • 9B : 6B9
  • 33_99_66A : IMR +6
  • 33_99_66A variations : block 1st hit, 1B / duck 2nd hit and detect, punish of choice
  • 22_88AA : 66BB
  • 11_77A : 4KB / BT B+K if blocked off axis
  • 44A : AA
  • 33_99_66BB : 236B / JG 3B
  • 11_77B : JG 236B hold
  • 11_77K : 236B
  • 66_33_99A+B : JG 3B
  • BB* : SS 3B / JG 236B
  • 33BB* : JG 3B
  • CE : 236B

Step Side: Left / Exceptions : 66B

3A: IMR +10
1A : 236B
4A : 236B
BBB: SSL last hit 3B / 236B
6BBB: SSL last hit 3B / 236B
236B : 2A
2K : ws K
1K : 236B
A+B,A : 9B last hit
66A : IMR +12 if blocked at mid range
33_99A : b6
66B : JG 3B
33B : 236B or FC 3B, cant be punished at far range
11_77BB: 9B over 2nd hit / JG 2nd hit, 66BB
44B: BB / JG 3B
33_99KB : 236B / JG 3B
11_77K : 236B
44K : IMR+10 , FC
44_11_77A+B : JG 6B9 / step on reaction, punish
66B+K : JG 3B
Preparation(Prep): you can punish everything from prep/se, by ssl block, or you can 8wrl 33B quicly to beat everything but prep K (this includes prep BBB as you can ssl last hit)
prep K: 236B
prep A+B : FC 3B except far range
SE B : JG 6B9
SE K : JG 236B
6BB*_prep BB* : JGx2 236B hold / JG x1 ss punish of choice.
33K* : JG 3B
prep K* : duck last hit, stand, 3B
CE : 3B

Notes: 22_88A is safe (fp guide wrong)


Step Side:
Right (but most viola verticals have crazy tracking)

A big part of her game seem to revolve around 6B+K when orb is released. I will list numbers of the earliest use of 6B+K after last /
AA: IMR +10
AAB(orb in hand) : Detect on reaction if she finish the string. Punish with CH b6. If she doesnt finish the string see AA.
AAB(orb in air): 6B9 unless orb is really close to you (will cause trade hit).
6AA : 236B
6AB : Duck 2nd hit, 236B is your reflex is good (keep in mind there is 6AA)
3A : IMR +8 (BB cant be backdashed) / Paired w 6B+K becomes a very unpleasant trap
1A : 236B / in conjuction w 6B+K is -5 on block)
4A (orb in hand) : AA
4A (orb in air) : IMR+9 uninterruptible, BB unsteppable.
I couldnt JG Viola’s (B)B so idk
6B : IMR +6

3B (orb in air) : 6B9 / if used with 6B+K grants +1 advantage on block
1B : 3B
4B : IMR +9 / In conjuction w 6B+K provides massive frame adv, where 3B cannot be stepped or interrupted.
A+BA (orb in hand) : 3B
A+BAB (orb in air) : 1B
2A+B : JG 236B hold (for some reason it will CH)
2A+B hold (orb in air) : when orb turns yellow run forward. if you are quick you can 66BB her.
1A+B : 4KB / 2A if used in conjuction with 6B+K(when orb is released)
8A+B (orb in hand) : 66BB
8A+B (orb in air) : ssr, 3B
FC B (any) : IMR +8
WS B : IMR +8 (BB will hit backdash)
66AAB : duck 2nd hit, punish.
33_99A (orb in hand) : JG 3B
33_99A (orb in air) : 236B
22_88AB (orb in hand) : b6
22_88AB (orb in air) : 1B
11_33_44AB (orb in hand) : 6B9 / JG 236B
11_33_44AB (orb in air): 236B
33_99B : K / AA on close block
33_99B hold : JG 3B
11_77_44B : 6B9 / JG 3B
66K : IMR+9
99_99K : AA
22_88KB (orb in hand) : b6
22_88BK (orb in air) : 66BB
11_33_44K : ws B
66_33_99A+BB (orb in hand) : 236B / JG 3B
66_33_99A+BB (orb in air) : 66BB
33_77_44A+B : initerrupt or step on reaction
A+B*: step last hit 3B
11A* : JG 2nd hit, 3B
66K* : step 2nd hit, 3B


Step Side: Left
Counters to NM stance

AAB : duck under 2nd hit, punish of choice
A2AA : 236B / 9G 236B / os is possible, JG 2nd hit FC 1B, also beats AAB.
6A : 6B9
2A : WS K
3AA : close range b6 / JG A+B
3A2A : 236B / os is possible, JG 3AA and duck to block and punish / b6 between hits (also punishes empty 3A)
1A : WS A
4A : JG 3B
BB : step 2nd hit, 236B hold
6B~NSS: 3B
3B : mixup between 66BB / delayed FC 1BB (visual hint - when NM sword hides behind his back during transition) / 66B+K, delayed A+B (wait for dash to end before hitting A+B)
1B : 236B
4BB : 1B / JG 236B hold
4KK: duck, 236B
2K : 236B
1K : WS K
A+B : 3B
2A+B : 236B
2B+K and 2B+K* : JG 236B hold
33A~GS: 3A (3B will beat GS A here, but trade with GS K)
22AA : 1B at closer ranges / JG 3B
22Aa6 : 236B
66B : JG 3B
33B : 3A
22_88B : JG 236B hold
66K~GS : 3A
66K : 236B
66A+B : 236B
66B+K : JGx3 , 3B
WS B : 3B beats all options except backdash. You can beat all but NSS K with bA. Best options is to mix up between 3B , 1A and 66BB.
WS 3B : 6B9
WS K : 236B
GS A : BB (236B doesnt punish far block /ss block)
GS K : 3B
NSS K : 236B
NSS A+B : 6B9
NSS bA : 236B seem to reach at all ranges
NSS A : bA and 1A can cover all options. NM can still block if he stops after doing NSS A.
NSS B : 236B on close block / 6B9 on mid block / JG 66BB
GS K* : duck 4KB
4K* : duck 236B
33_99B* : ssl 236B hold / JG 236B hold

Step Side:Right
AA : IMR+6 on mid/close block

6AB : 9G, BT B+K, slightly delay 1B(or dash 1B)
JS 2AB: JG WS K between hits / 236B (will beat aGI)
GS 3AA: duck 3rd hit, 236B hold
1A : 2A / JG 4KB
BB : IMR +6
GS 3B : 6B9
JS 3B : IMR +12
GS 4BBB : ssr punish after 1st block / 236B / JG 2nd hit b6 / JG 3rd hit 236B hold
2K : ws K
236K : 4KB
WS B : 1B (also beats WS BK)
JS 33_99AA: 4KB
22_88A :
IMR +12
JS 11_77_44A series : 4B between hits
GS 44_11_77A : IMR +10
JS 11_77B : WS K
GS 22_88B : JG 236B hold
GS 44_11_88B_hold : IMR +8
GS 66_33_99K : IMR +6
GS 11_77_44K : IMR +4 (1B cant be backdashed)
JS 66_33_99K : IMR +6
JS 11_77_44K : IMR +8
JS B+T B+K B : 236B
8B+K, A : AA / JG 3B
8B+K, B : JG 3B
8B+K K : 3B
JS 33A* : step 236B hold

JS 33B* :delayed dash (just tap 6 once) BT B+K, 3B
GS 666B* : JG 236B hold
GS 3AA* : duck 3rd hit, 236B hold
CE : BB (both) GS CE can be punished w 3B if blocked close/mid range.

Note: Sometimes in IMR tip range tira can aGI to evade 2K hit and GI mid.

Step Side: Right
AA: duck 4KB

AB : 88_22A+B between hits , or ss 3B
6AA : duck 4KB
3A : dash 2KB_3B uninterruptible.
2A : ws K (close block only)
1AA : 9G, 236B hold / you can 9G 1st hit on reaction and ssl
1AB: SS 236B hold on reaction / you can 9G 1st hit on reaction and ssl
214A : 6B9
214Ax6 : depends on range of block, 6B9 or 236B
9A : 6B9
Bb6 : SSR 3B
3B : 236B
3Bhold : ss on reaction punishment of choice
1BB : 236B / 4B between hits / JG 236B hold
4B hold : JG 3B
9B : 2A
6K : 6B9
3KA : 66B+K, MST KB / duck 4KB / JG 6B9 or b6 at far range
3KAhold : 66B+K, MST KB / 4B between / JG 6B9
3Khold series : JG 1st hit b6
2K : WS K
1KA : FC 1B
4K series : QS 3B except closest block. / JG 3B
FC 3K : There are many options after blocking bullrush, FC 3K has different data, so I will list it for completeness. 236B cannot be evaded and small dash 2KB (very small dash) will work as a mixup. For 33_99_66K which is way more ofter : 6B9 cannot be escaped by TC moves or step/backdash etc. So use it to prevent any movement, then you can small dash mixup, which cannot be interrupted, but can be stepped, or deep dash mixup, which cannot be stepped, but can be interrupted. Your choice.
WS K: 236B
WS KA: 236B between hits. If you’re greedy you can do full hold 236B between. On hit you can interrupt A with 2A.
A+B_2A+B : 4A at far range / 4KB at closer ranges
3A+B : 6B9 / b6 at far range
4A+B : 3B
4A+B hold : easy to QS on reaction or JG 236B hold
6B+K_hold : IMR uninterruptible, 236B cant be stepped, 2KB cannot be stepped.
2B+K : FC 1B or 236B at close blocks
9B+K : JG 3B
4B+K : SS on reaction, punish of choice / 9G on reaction BT B+K / with good reflex 7A+B on reaction
33_99_66AB : SSR , punish of choice (3B works best thoug, b/c other stuff can wiff if Asta does UB)
22_88AA : JG 3B
44A hold : now if you’re anticipating it you can 66B+K MST A+B! otherwise MST KB will work just fine. / JG 236B hold also works.
66B : 6B9
22_88B : JG on reaction 236B hold
66_33_99K : see FC 3K
22_88B* : JG 236B hold
33_99_66K* : SSL 236B hold / JG 3B
22_88K* JG 3B

Step Side:

AA : duck 2nd hit, 236B
A hold: duck 2nd hit 236B
6AK: duck, 236B
3A : IMR+6, 1B tracks right step and backdash, 2KB tracks left step

6A hold: b+k, except max range
3A hold : b6 except far block
1A : 236B most of the time, sometimes only WS B reach
214A : you have enough time to interrupt it. Or duck and 4KB/236B hold, timing of last hit is a bit tricky so dont get hit by this please!
B hold: 4A mid range block / 4KB close range block / ss between hits punich of choice / JG 236Bhold
bK : 236B
6B9,K: 9A between hits / 4B between hits (9B is better as Ivy cant step it after empty 6B9) / JG 6B9
6Bhold2_8 : on close-mid block JG 2nd hit 66A+B
214B : 6B9
6KBK : 236B after blocking first hit. will punish 6KB as well.
1K : 4KB
A+B: 3B
A+BA : 9A after 1st block / JG 2nd hit 4KB
2A+B : IMR +10, FC 1B cannot be stepped and will CH on backdash as well as WS A
1A+B : 2A on close block / JG 236B
8A+BB: 4KB / 66BB / B+K max range block.
8A+BBhold: 66A+B
4A+B: 236B / 6B9 if 2 hits are blocked.
4A+BB : QSR punish of choice (SS also possible but harder)
WS A hold : b6 except tip range
WS A+BA : duck last hit 236B hold
WS B+K : JG 3B
66_99_33A hold : b6 / 66B+K~MST KB between hits
22A: IMR +12
88A: IMR +12
11_77A : at mid range block FC 3B
44A hold: at close-mid block 66BB
22_88B hold: 6B9 (trade) / ssr

44A+B / 44A+B hold: JG 236B hold
66_33_99K : IRM +6
22_88K : 4KB
44_77_11K : 6B2
44A+B: 6B9
44A+Bhold :interrupt on reaction
44B+K,B : ssl punish of choice
1B* : 4B between hits / JG 66BB
22_88B*: 66B+K~MST A+B between hits (hit BT, so combo is ~100 dmg)

No matter how I tried I cant JG second hit of B+K consistantly so I couldnt test punishes. Intuition tell me you should be able to JG 2nd hit 66B+K MST A+B.
Step Side:
AK : 6B9
3A : 6B9
1AA: 66B+K~MST A+B between hits.
4AAA: B+K between 1st and 2nd hits / 3B
4AB : 6B9
BK : duck 4KB
6BK: 6B9
3B : 236B (only close) / b6 any range but tip
2BB : 3B / JG 236B hold / ssr punish of choice
4B : JG BB
6K : IMR +6
3KK : ss punish of choice / 4B between hits
1K : 6B9
4K : IMR +4 (1B cant be backdashed)
B+K,B : 3B / JG 236B
2B+KBBB: block 2 first hits, then punish of choice.
8B+K : JG 3B
WS A+B : IMR +12
WS A+B hold : ssl on reaction, easy / JG 3B
WS B+K : at close-mid block IMR +12
22_88A : IMR +6 (i know its different moves ;)
11_77AA : MST between hits KB / 4B between hits / 6B9 on block / JG 1st hit 236B (will punish 11A), JG second hit 3B
11_77AA hold: MST between hits KB / 4B between hits / FC 1B or B+K between hits
88_22B : BB
88_22BAK : BB,236B
11_77B : 6B9
66K : BB
33_99K: AA
22_88K : IMR +7
11_77K series : K, 236B after first block
66B+K,A,B : duck 2nd hit, FC 1BB / 236B
236B : 3B
236AA: 236B / 4B between hits
236K : 66BB
66B* : JG 236B / QSR 3B
236AA* : 4B between hits / JG 236B hold / JG 2nd hit 2A between hits
CE 66BB / JG 236B hold

Step Side: Right
aB : 236B close and mid range / b6 far range
3A : 236B
1AB : 3B / JG 236B hold
4aBB: 236B
BBB : JG 236B hold / 236B
bA : 6B9
6BB : 6B9 /JG 236B hold
3B : AA
1BB: JG 3B / if you JG both hits you get 236B hold
4BK : duck 4KB / duck 236B hold
1K : 4KB
4KK : IMR +12 / SSR 3B (only close block)
3A+B : 236B / JG 3B
8A+B : K
4A+B : 3B / JG 236B hold
2B+K hold : JG 236B hold
9B+K : WS K / JG 3B
4B+K : 6B9
WS AB: 6B9 / JG 236B hold
WS K : on at leastmid block IMR +12
WS A+B : step last hit, punish of choice
WS B+K : 66A+B,2A / 236B hold, 3B
66A : IMR +12
33_99A : IMR +12 / JG 3B / duck on reaction 236B hold
22_88AA: WS K / JG 236B
66B : 6B9 only close block
33_99B : JG 3B
22_88B hold: you can get a BT throw on reaction or B+K
11_77B: 4KB
44B : b6 / 236B close block / 6B9 mid block
22_88K : IMR +10
11_77K: 236B safe on far block / JG 66BB
iGDR(DC just B) : 3B
GDR (DC B): 236B
DC A : duck on reaction 236B hold
DC K : 4KB / 66B(might be hard to buffer)
WS A+B* : ssr last hit, 3B

Step Side:Right
AAK : duck 2nd hit FC 1B / 236B

6AK : 3A between (free BT throw attempt) / late SSL 3B (you can just hold 8) you can do this even on hit! / JG 2nd hit, 3B
3AB : 2A between / ssl 3B - both options cover 3AB hold~stance.
1A : 236B close block / JG 236B any range, you get a hold version on closer ranges / FC 3B mid range block
BB : step 3B , covers stance
6BK : 3A between hits (free BT throw attempt) / JG 3B
3BK: IMR+6 / iFC 1B
1B : jump on reaction
6K : IMR +7
3kB : BB
4KB: JG 236B
A+BBK : 236B between hits / 2KB* between hits. If opponent stops after 1st hit, you have enough time to react and mix up. / You can also JG 3rd hit for a free 3B , should they stop you still get mixup with the same timing.
1_3A+B: 236B
2A+B: 6B9
4B+K : JG 236B hold
33_99AA : 66BB (single 33A can be punished as well/ FC 3B (easier version) / JG 236B hold
22_88AB :236B , if he goes into stance you can just time your 236B as if punishing.
11_77AA: 9B between hits / JG 236B
66BBB: ssr after 1st block 3B / 236B
22_88B : 236B
11_77B : 6B9 except far block
66KB: qsr after 1st block 4B+K,MST A+B.
22_88K : 4KB / 6B at far block
WS K : AA / 2A on far block
RMB AK : SSR (QS easier) betwen hits punish of choice / 236B / JG 3B
RMB B : JG 236B hold
RMB K : 236B
otg A+B: 66A+B
6AK* : see 6AK / JG 2nd hit ssr backthrow or 3B / JG 3rd hit BB
6BK* : see 6BK / JG 2nd hit ssr backthrow or 3B / JG 3rd hit BB
A+B,B,K* : 236B between hits
33_99AA*: 9G after 1st hit BT B+K / 236B / JG 236B hold
CE : 3B / 66BB
Step Side:
AAB : duck 2nd hit, FC1B / duck 2nd hit 236B
3A : 6B9 only mid range block
2A : ws K only close block
1AA : 9B between hits / JG 236B hold / 236B only mid block
4A : 2A
BBA : 6B9 (punishes BB, BBA4 etc) / block 236B
BBK : duck FC1B, if you do FC 1B it will track transition to stance. Only way to beat it for sieg is to mix up between BBK and BBA, which is plain crap. Do not let him have mix ups for free!
b6: at close range you’re IMR +10
b4: JG 3B
3B hold_WS Bhold: 77BA (left sidestep) beats all options from SCH, however Sieg can do an empty 3B, in which case you can 3B (combo with bA on trade with SCH A). If you’re really greedy and think Sieg will go for K or A, you can 44B for sick damage.
2B hold: 3A really leave Sieg no choice but to aGI or dont go into stance. This situation is somewhat complicated, I will do the math later and post results.
1B : 6B9
4B : IMR +12
6K: IMR +6
3KKB : 236B / 4B between either hit / 9B over 2nd hit / if you have quick reflex you can 4B+K after 1st block and MST B before last hit.
2K : 236B
1K : ws K
4KK : 6B9 / duck 236B hold
A+B : there is a bug that makes all hits after first wiff. 236B hold or whatever.
2A+B : 236B
WS A : will post math later
WS B : see 3B
WS K : 6B9
66A : JG 3B
66B : 66B except tip range
33_99B : see 3B
22_88BB : FC 3B / JG 236B]
22_88BB4 : You can punish with 2A or WS K if you read this
11B : later
44B : JG 3B (will cover 44B hold and 44BB)
66K : IMR +10
22_88KAAB : you can duck 2nd and 3rd hit, punish of choice / step last hit punish of choice / 4KB
88KK : 236B
44K : 1K
66A+B : 236B
BT BB : 236B
SBH K : 6B9
RSH K : 4KB (covers rsh K hold)
RSH B : 3BSCH KK : duck 4KBSH AA : FC 3B / JG 236B hold
SH BBB : ss afer 1st block punish of choice
66K*hold: JG 3B (sieg cant step it via stance)
SCH K* : step 3B / JG BB
CE : 66BB only if blocked close.

Step Side:
AA : IMR +6
6AKA : ssl 2nd hit punish of choice / 236B
6AKB : ssl 2nd hit punish of choice / 6B9
3A : AA
3A hold: JG 3B
1A : 236B
4A : IMR +4 (1B cant be backdashed)
6BBB: ssr last hit punish of choice / duck last hit 236B hold
3BA : duck last hit 236B hold / JG 3B
3BB : ss last hit punish of choice / JG 3B
You can JG 3BB and 3BB with the same timing!
2B : IMR +8

1B : 236B
4B : on close block 6B9 / on mid block b6
2K : ws K
1KK : 4B between hits / K
4KK : B+K between hits
A+B : 236B
A+B hold : JG 3B / ss punish of choice
2A+B : 236B
2B+K : 4KB
WS A_B : IMR +4
WS K : IMR +6
66A : IMR +8
22_88A : duck secon hit 4KB
11_77A : 236B
44A : IMR +alot (guide data say -14 = wrong)
66B : IMR +6
22_88B : JG 3B
44K : IMR +11 fc
66A+B : JG 3B
Ac1 : IMR +8
Ac2 : IMR +6
Ac3: JG 236B hold
Bc1 : IMR +12
Bc2 : b6
3B* : JG 3B
66B* : JG 3B
CE : 4KB

Step Side:
AA : IMR +6
6A: IMR +4
3A : 6b9
1A: 6b9 / JG 236B hold (only very close) / JG 66BB
4A: IMR+7
BBB: ss after 1st block 3B / ssr after 2nd block 3B / JG 2nd hit 236B hold (will punish BB)
6BB : duck 2nd hit FC 1B / JG AA
3B : 6b9, except far range
2B : IMR +8 only at close block
6K hold: JG 3B / ss 236B hold on reaction
3K : IMR +8
2K : ws K (only close block)
1K : 236B / JG 66BB
4K : IMR +8
B+K : duck 236B hold / JG 236B hold
8B+K : 236B hold close block, if he does 8B+K,K you get BT B+K / ws B on mid block (you get extra 236B if he goes into fly / at far block you have to guess if he flies or not. either way you get 66BB if you guess right
4B+K : IMR +10
4B+K,G : 3B
WS AB : JG 3B / ss 236B hold
WS B: K on close block
WS K : K on close block
22_88AB : 236B / JG 3B
44A : 236B

44A :ss 236B hold / JG 236B hold
66B : 3B

66BK : ss 236B hold

33_99B : 6B9
11B : wsK / 66K / JG 236B

44BAA : duck 2nd hit FC 1B / MST aster 1st hit B or B+K / JG 2nd hit b6 / JG 3rd hit 236B hold
66K : 236B
33K : IMR +10
22K : IMR +6
11K : 4KB
44K : 236B
SW K : 66BB
6B*: step last hit punish of choice
66B*: step on reaction 236B hold / JG 236B hold
SW A+B+K : step on reaction 236B hold / 9A+B on reaction.
CE : 3B
Step Side:

6Ahold : backdash 236B hold or 3B (easier to do on reaction) / duck 236B / 4B between hits / 2A between hits / K_A will trade with throw
3AB : 236B / JG 3B
1AAAAA : 236B hold (cant do justframes, sorry)
214A : 236B
BB : IMR at mid block
iMCF-like stuff : IMR
6B : IMR
3B : AA / at close block 6B9
1B : 236B
4B : JG BB
6KK : 6B9 / 236B on close block / if you ducked the first hit you get a free 236B hold
1K : JG 3B
4KB : ssl between hits 3B
FC 3K : 4KB / 66BB
1KKKKK : 236B hold
2A+BB : on far block 2nd hit wiff = free 4KB
6B+K,BBB : iFC 1B after 1st block / ss before last hit 3B
33_99_66A : IMR except far block
22_88A : 6B9
33_99_B,B+K,A+B,K : duck 3rd hit, turn around 66A+B / JG 3rd hit 3B / 1B between 2nd and 3rd hit for a trade.
22_88B: 6B9
11_77B : 236B
44bA : if it wiffs its not hard to quick poke between hits or even FC 1B for massive CH
66_33_99K: IMR
66A+B2B: 66BB / 4KB

2B+K,A: 66BB
3aB*: JG 3B / ss last hit punish of choice
33a*: 4B after 1st block / bacldash 3B

Step Side:
6ABA : 6B9 / IMR +14
6ABAhold : IMR 2KB cannot be escaped at all
3A : b6 at far block / 236B at mid block
1A : 236B
WS AA : 236B
9A : 3B (if voldo does B+K, then 3B, 3B)
BS 6ABB : JG 3B easier to do if you JG 2nd, then 3rd hit.
BS 9A : IMR 66K cannot be escaped
BB : JG 6B9
3BB : JG 3B
2BB : JG 236B / IMR 2KB cannot be escaped
1B : 1B at mid block
4BAA : duck under 2nd hit FC 1B
FC 3B : 236B at mid block
WS BB : 1B / at close block BB
WS Bhold : voldo can escape 1B with A+B, you can 66A+B for free then. watch out for MC B+K, if you 1B, use 3B right after.
9B: IMR 2KB can be only stepped right
BS 6B6B : see bs 6ABB
BS 4B : JG 236B
BS FC B : 236B
BS 9BK : FC 1BB between hits
6Khold : 66BB
2K : ws K
1Khold : IMR but not on empty 1K
9K : 1B
BS FC K : ws B
BS WS K : neutral on block
BS 9KA : 1B and combo after 1st block
A+B : 1B, covers A+B3hold.
6A+B hold : 6B9 / JG 3B
2A+B : 236B / JG 236B hold
4A+B : duck / ssl
BS A+B : 236B
BS 2A+B : 66BB / 4KB
B+K hold : ss 3B
66A : 6B9
BS 66B : BB close block / b6 far block
BS 66BK : JG 3B / ss punish of choice / 6B9
BS 66K : 6B9
11K : 236B on close block / ws B on mid block
44K : 1B
66A+B,K : duck 4KB
44A+B : 236B
66B* : ss 3B
6B* : ss 3B / JG 236B
CE : 2A

Omega Pyrrha
Step Side:
6A : IMR +6

3A :IMR +8
1A : 66BB
1AA : 3B / JG 23B hold
4AA :236~Bhold / duck 236B hold / JG 236B
4AB : 236B / JG 236B hold
WS A : IMR +8 / JG BB
6B* :SSR 3B / JG 3B
3B : b6 at far range / 236B at close/mid range
2BB_FC 1BB :3B / JG 236B hold
2B*_FC 1B* :6B9 / JG 3B
4B : JG 236B
1K :236B
4K : 6B9
WR A+B hold :ssl 236B hold or backthrow
B+K,B :3B / JG 236B hold
2B+K,BBB : 6B9
8B+K_8B+K hold :JG 3B
66_33_99A : IMR +12 except tip block
22_88A : IMR +6
11_77AA : FC 1B / 236B / JG 3B
11_77AA hold :FC 1B works as well / ssl punish of choice / JG 3B
66B :JG 3B
33_99B : 6B9 / JG 3B
44_11_77B :6B9
33_99_66K :AA
44K :236B
66B+K,A,B : 236B / JG 3B / duck 2nd hit FC 1B
22_88B+K :IMR +10 : ws A cannot be escaped. At close/mid block can mix up with a throw
NS A : 6B9
NS B : 3B
NS K : 6B9
DNS B : 6B9
Step Side:
6AAB : duck 2nd hit FC 1B / 236B / JG last hit 3B

3AA : 6B9 / JG 3B
1A : 236B / JG 66BB
4AB : 6B9 / JG 23B hold
6BBB : duck 2nd hit 236B hold
3B or 33_99B : 236B
3BB or 33_99BB : JG 236B hold / 6B9
1B : A on close block
4BA : 3B / JG 236B hold
4B : 236B
623B : 3B
FC 8B : BB
6KK : duck 236B (236B hold is possible but will often wiff) / 236, BT B+K, 66B (54)
2K :2A unlike other 2K's where you get WS K
1K : 236B
4K : AA if blocked close
4K hold : duck 236B hold / JG 3B
WS KK : 236B
WS KK hold : ssl on reaction punish of choice, you can do it on hit as well / interrupt / JG 236B hold
B+K : You can punish that on reaction with fast moves. BB is pretty easy.
2B+K,B : JG 3B
66A : IMR +12 unless far block
33_99AB : AA between hits / ssr 236B hold / JG 236B hold
22_88A : Careful! Neutral on guard.
44_77_11AA :JG 2nd hit 66BB
66B : IMR, 1B cannot be escaped
22_88B : JG 236B hold
11_77B :FC 1BB, safe on tip block though.
44B :JG 3B
33_99_66K : IMR 2KB and 1B is a true mixup. 2KB cannot be escaped on close-mid block.
22_88K : IMR 2KB cannot be escaped
11_77K : 236B
44K : Careful! neutral on block!
66B+K : 6B9
4A+B*: if you block it close somehow, you get a free 6B9. At mid range, you get guaranteed CH b6 on reaction when first hit wiffs
CE : 236B
hcf A : JG 236B hold
hcf B : JG 236B hold
hcf K : 66BB
hcf A+B,B : ssl 236B hold
hcf A+B,B* : if you can react to BE flash you can 236B the other side to punish his teleport.
8B+K,BB etc : 8wrR a bit 22A+B
8B+K,K : JG 3B / 8wR a bit longer 22A+B
Alpha Patrokolos

Step Side:
agB : 4KB / 66BB
6AA : 236B / JG 3B
3A : IMR +6
1AA : 4KB / JG 3B
FC 3aB : 3B
66A : IMR +8
22_88AA : 236~B hold between hits

11A : 236B / JG 66BB
44A : IMR at every range block, 236B cannot be escaped
2A* : 236B
BB : IMR+8 except tip block. 6B9 cannot be stepped, BB can only be stepped to the left (2KB tracks)
bA : 4KB

3B : IMR +8 except far block
1B : 236B
1B:B : JG 236B

FC 3B : 3B
FC 3B:B :SSL 236B hold / SSL 88A+B,2A / JG 3B
FC 3B:B* : JG 3B / 8wr backthrow / 8wr punish of choice
33_99B :1B prevents all movement after blocking this.
22_88B : 236~B hold between hits / JG 236B
11_77_B : WS A stops all movement after blocking this
6K : 6b9
1K : 6b9
WS K : IMR +8
11_77K : 236B
2A+B : 236B / JG 236B hold
B+K : 6B9
FC3A+B : 236B close block / b6 far block
44B+K : 6b9 only at certain ranges, thus, nearly useless.
44A+B : JG 236B hold / ss punish of choice

CE : 3B

Step Side: Right

Vs Stance Guide
AA : CE / mixup between 236B and b6
6A : AA
3A: AA. If maxi goes for LI B hold he is at a point he cannot cancel it anymore. you recover and can JG or GI it.
4A : b6

1A: JG 66BB
FC 3A_AA_AAA: 236B at all ranges. If you hesitate b/c of multihit string to beat stanceyou can use WS A, but aGI will punish you.
BB : CE / JG 2KB* / mix up between AA (only lose to LO K) and 8A+B
6B4 : 88B seem to win over all options here but PSL 4 BL K or PSL aGI. Sorry, math aint ready yet.
3B : 6B9

4B : qsL, 33K, doesnt beat LO K
4BB : see LO B
1B: Mixup between iFC 1BB and ssr 236B hold

2KB : 236B / 4B between hits / 9A between hits / JG 66BB
1K : WS K
236K : BB / JG 3B
WS KK : 236 BT B+K 66B between hits
A+B : 6B9 on all ranges / 236B on all ranges but tip / JG 236B hold
2A+B : 66BB
4A+B : b6 / JG 3B
8A+B : JG 3B
B+KBBBA : no idea xD
WS B+K : 6b9 or b6 if they enter stance
66A : safe, but at most ranges 6b9 prevents stepping and backdashing on block
22_88A : Mixup between 88~B and 44B+K
44A : 236B
11_77A : 66BB on block / 4A on hit
22_88B : FC 3B
22_88B hold: tbd
33_99B : if they enter stance: 6B9 /b6
11_77B : 6b9 / if only partial hit happen at far range 3B
22_88K series : same as RO K
66B: CE / 2A on close block / mix between 66BB , 44A at far block
44B : mixup between iFC 1BB and 66B+K (react to KK by cancel 66BB, otherwise A+B). Keep in mind, Maxi can still do an empty 44B, which is safe.
66B+K: IMR
CE: 66BB / JG 236B hold

RO A~BL : 6B9 interrupts transition
RO AK : JG BB / IMR (3B will hits backstep)
RO AK hold : JG BB / 4B on reaction
RO B : BB / JG 3B (236B hold can be aGI'ed)
RO KK : JG BB / ss 236B hold
RO KA : JG 236B / 9B between hits

RC AB : 236B / JG 233B hold
RC A>B : interrupt with anything under 17 frames, 22B also works very well.
RC B : JG 236B
RC KK : JG 1st hit 236B / 4B between hits / JG 2nd hit 236B

LI A : A+B
LI B : 2KB* (only loses to PSL 4~G)
LI B hold : JG 3B / you can safely assume they’re not reacting to JG, so 236B hold also punishes this unless they LI B again.
LI K : adv on block. JG AA

LO K : 2A (except far range)
LO B : mixup between 236~B hold and bA. If your opponent knows you well and adjust, throw 2KB* or b6 into the mix, your risk reward will always be good then.
66B+K : IMR, BB cannot be escaped
LO AK : JG 1st hit FC 1BB / 4B between hits / JG 2nd hit BB

BL A : b6 at mid range / 236B at close range. However it is very rare that you block this move. It either hits or wiffs
BL B~LO : ssl 4KB
BL KK : 66BB between hits. Delay 66B a bit. will punish BL K as well.


Some Dampierre moves has random property, much like Clean Hits, but instead of changing damage it changes animation and properties of his moves by cancelling blockstun into stances. There are two stances:
Fake Pain (FP): Dampierre jumps on one leg.
Poker Bluff (PB): Dampierre falls to the ground.
AA : duck 236B / JG AA

6A : IMR, 1B cannot be backdashed.
3AA : 4B between hits / 66B+K between hits (B+K or KB) / JG 3B
3AA ~FP : you have enough time for just about anything here on block b4 any of FP moves come out. however all of the above work. (FP never triggers if you 4B or MST)
1A : 236 / JG 236B hold/ 9A on reaction
4A : IMR, BB reaches backdash
WS A : JG 6B9
9A : IMR
BB : JG AA / JG 1st hit ssl 236B hold
6B : JG AA
3BB : ss 236B hold / JG 3B
1B : 236B hold
236B : IMR / it is possible to JG last hit (its not very difficult if you anticipate) but NOTHING is free. Given the fact how much damage this is on hit - pretty lame, really.
236B ~PB: This look as if Dampierre is just falling to the ground. even if you atack right away nothing is guaranteed
9B : IMR
6K : IMR
3K : IMR
2K : WS K
1K : safe
1K~FP : pretty much anything
236KKKKK : 3B between hits - the most reliable punish. 1B followup is guaranteed for 49 total
2A+B : 236B
WS A+B : JG 3B / 4B last moment.
B+K : this UB is hella random., so watch out. sometimes its really fast, sometimes very slow and ends in PB. Try to step the moment you see it. You should be able to FMD B then.
8B+K : 6B9
BT B+K : minor diadv on block / nothing on JG.
66A : JG 236B
22A : BB
44AB : 4B between / ss punish of choice / JG 3B
66B~PB: 3B
33B: IMR 3B cannot be backdashed.
33BK: SS 236B hold/ JG 3B / 236B
33BK random effect 1 (GB): same as above but 1st hit is GB and any followup is guaranteed.
33BK random effec 2 (sweep~PB): 4KB/66BB. You can block this on reaction if you pay attention. If you are hit and get up or side ukemi you are open for PB mixup.
33BK random effect 1+2 (GB+ sweep): same as above but 1st hit is GB and any followup is guaranteed.
22B: JG 236B
11B: 3B
44BKBK: you can 3B after 2nd hit on block. This also punishes, should Dampierre stop after 44BK.
66K~PB: 66A+B
22K: 6B9
22KK: 236B hold / if you used 6B9 to punish, you can 66B after will to punish this version too
22KK~PB: 236B hold / if you used 6B9 to punish there is no guarantee.
11KK~PB: This move can randomly cancel to PB after either first or 2nd hit. If both hits are blocked 66BB or 4KB are free. When cancel after 1st block happends, you still have time to get small damage like FC 1B (no launch) on reaction.
44K: IMR
44K~PB: wakeup, nothing is free even if you JG.
FP B~PB : This is a GB move that hits mid and track very well. JG 66A+B is free.
FP A_B+G : if this wifs you get free punsihment. You can OS with JG 66A+B to beat both FP B and FP A_B+G.

PB K : FC 1B or 66B (hits otg)
PB A_B+G: FC 1B hits otg

6B*: this cancels 6B into his random UB thing. step and punish of choice. sometimes it is randomly cancelled into PB so use punishers that hit otg.
33B*: This leaves damp at +0 on block with normal version and gives a lot of pushback on GB (dont know if there are guarantees)
22KK* (has random effect~PB): another useless BE (at least it seems so to me) it only starts for after 2nd hit, so all punishment will work as usual.
44K* (random PB): you can JG 2nd hit and 3A for CH, however random PB effect (the jump) will beat that. On block its the same as 44K.

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King of Hundred Swords
As Viola is somewhat strange character, I just wanted to list her zoning game to help people learning her:
When her orb is released she has following ranged moves:
B+K high, returns orb back to her hand
6A+B, high, hits midscreen, orb stays in air, this can be delayed
2A+B, smid, can be delayed , animation is easy to see.
2B+K, smid animation is easy to see, return orb to hand
6B+K, smid, very slow
All of this is very easy to step.
When you get closer, she can use stuff like 4A+B (smid x2) to cover step

Of course this isnt much, but I hope it'll help a bit.


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Thank you once again for being so awesome Belial. Anything for Maxi will be much appreciated. Maxi is pretty rough if you don't know what to do against him.
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Slightly fixed Natsu
Added NM to first post. Jesus he sucks so badly now, everything is even more unsafe than before, his NSS and GS totally raped now. WTF?!


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I've been using the amazing, valuable information that we 8wayrunners have put into this site, along with the strategy guide (and special thanks to Belial) and I must say that Misturugi is by far my most complete character.

I mean I have nearly a response and punish for everything the opponent can do and it is amazing, even more so than when I played Mitsu in SCIV. I mean mitsu was way better in the right hands in SCIV but this SCV version feels near perfect for me.

To add to this thread: NM is such an easy match-up for Mitsu, it's laughable, almost everything he does can be either stepped, ducked, or blocked and followed with the appropriate punish (like 6B series, or CE). Anything else can be Just Guarded (which I still cannot do for the life of me!!!)


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It seems the SC community does matchup charts differently than the fighting games I am used to. I will humbly step down and let you do your thing. Ill request for my thread to be closed.
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Astaroth added

It seems the SC community does matchup charts differently than the fighting games I am used to. I will humbly step down and let you do your thing. Ill request for my thread to be closed.

sorry (
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Ivy up

By the way some cool find : after blocking Natsu 66B, like I aldready said you can punish with BB, she can only go HO to escape this. Well, if you think she'll go HO try... 9A+B you get weirdest air hit and ground stun to combo with 66A+B for huge damage!
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Pyrrah, Cervantes and Xiba up
Small changes to Ivy after playing Ring xD

In case you're wondering he's reaaally good with Ivy, I thought she sucked in SCV but now I dont know.
And online is fuken godlike.
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I did the actual tests, please come back when you do as well


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I've been playing against Cervy daily since the game came out.... but I'll go ahead and retest when I get home.

OK tested.

Apparently it only works on certain angles that come up a lot in match play.
3b must be i18.5 cause b+k hits every time and sieg's 3b hits every time

So ya I guess stick with 236b.