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[12] Conqueror

Kunimitsu look so freaking beautiful!! she remind me of Setsuka because of Mitsurugi

SC Universe: Mitsurugi vs Setsuka
Tekken Universe: Kunimitsu vs Yoshimitsu


[14] Master
Unironically lumping Smash in the fighting game thread.

Get Out.jpg

Serious note, why Steve? I know Minecraft is popular, but the characters from Minecraft are as mundane as they get.


[14] Master
I don't play this game or minecraft, but is funny see all people complain about steve.. i love the memes, you know. #CassandraForSmash :sc4cas1:


[14] Master
I don't either, but Steve and the Minecraft aesthetic is really bland compared to the rest of the cast. I think most people who are loving this are only doing so because they just shitposted a character into Smash. It's funny for sure, but also really really meh.


[05] Battler
I think the character designs and aesthetics of MK11 are incredibly lackluster. They're just so average.
What? The detail, the more realistic proportions, the animations.

Do you like the bombastic japanese designs better?