Free moves after blocked 44B (at range)


[08] Mercenary
Just a quickie I noticed that I'd like to share; if it's common knowledge I apologize in advance. I'm new to these particular boards so this may be old, but it may help add another option to anyone who finds some use for 44B.

Anyway, at range (tip or maybe a bit closer), blocked 44B causes a standing guard break which makes a few moves unblockable:


6B+K seems the quirkiest to land, since slight axis shifts allow the opponent to block what would be an otherwise guaranteed hit (my guess is that it impacts the opponent at 16? frames on slightly shifted axis instead of the normal 15 frames where it is free).

Of course, if 44B is blocked up close, it causes a crouching guard break on the opponent and nothing is free.

If someone has luck with 44B on wake-up or on a sleeping opponent, it may come in handy I suppose. This poor character needs all the help she can get. :)



[09] Warrior
Hey, it's useful information in my eyes. Yeah, Mi-Na does need all the help she can get, and this tidbit is nice to know. Thanks for taking the time to post it. :D

Wake-up seems to be the viable option for non-siderollers...unless your opponent is having a heart attack. In that case, I think you'd be fine. xD


[08] Mercenary
Wow, this is really useful. I don't use 44B a lot, I should try it more often to vary Mina's game. And this info helps a lot!