Fully Unlocked Save File for the PS3... (file included)


So it takes about EIGHT HOURS of constant work to unlock all the characters in SC2. And unfortunately, there isn't a method in the game like in SC5 where you can leave a turbo controller on overnight to unlock them. So for people with multiple consoles, this is a little insane. I was going to do a tutorial on how to hack save files for the PS3 in order to get everything unlocked....

But thankfully, the save files for SC2HDO (unlike other SC games) are unlocked! So no save hacking required! Just download the attached zip file, and extract it to the root folder of a thumb drive. Then copy the save to your PS3. Using this save file however, will prevent you from getting trophies since the save file is not registered to your PS3.

If you do know how to hack save files (which I wont get into, since we dont need it), and you hack this save file to register it for your PS3... you will probably instantly get a platinum trophy (you may need to play online once). Be warned however, there is a chance you may get banned from PSN if the timestamp for all your trophies for a game are identical.


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