Fun with Rock(Character specific stuff)


[09] Warrior
Also, I think there may be a greater variety of character specific (or at least spacing specific) stun and crumple combos. For instance, sometimes I can get a crouch throw out of CH 6B, even though the crumple should mean I have to ground throw.

yeah this happened to me quite abit but cant say off the top who it happened against, but just take your B+K to headfirstthrow or B+K to delayed crouch throw tech trap.


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Omg, I never thought of doing B+K followup on that kind of crumple. That's godly good. Thank you so much for that.


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Oh does he?! It refers too noobs trying to learn Rock!

Well, it's a bit provocative to say "Better not mess up". Usually people will misunderstand it as flamebaiting. Not only that, it's never a bad thing to have noobs learn Rock for that is their character they want to get good at. Because before we became pros, we were first noobs. To come off as you did(though Pocky Yoshi would like to believe you mean no harm), is not something I highly recommend.


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I know that we were all noobs,but i'm talking about those who just spam with him (his throws to be specefic) and never learn from thier mistakes,that's just wrong...isn't it?

No, it's not wrong to spam whatever. To whine about how unfair it is, would be absurd though.
In the end, it's up to the individual to either ask for help to get better or continue to lose.


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Wrong,Spamming is the way to become a noob,playing with balance,defence and attacks is the right way for vistory...coudn't careless about others....
Well, those are what we call scrubs. They will always make ignorant excuses for every loss such as, "you throw too much" or what not.
I'm not trying to nitpick you here, but it's not a good idea to have such elitist attitude towards someone who's "casual and just wants to have fun". And usually, they can be your friends who will take losses from you while playing like a scrub or as you call it noobs. Just my humble opinion.


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I know these guys that when they lose the say (you throw too mutch) never knew they were called scrubs!
i'm not one of them,iknow how to deal with them,i'm talking about a whole other type of noobs...i know it's complecated!

Well, what kind of "noobs" are you talking about? The only noobs I know of is: the scrubby cocky ones, the idk ones and spam for fun, and the ones called newbs(those who wish to get better). Elaborate.


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Namuskull, why are you even discussing this?
Anyone who takes issue with any type of spam immediately labels themselves as a scrub. Paticularly someone who only plays online.
That's an undeniable fact and it has completely clogged the thread with you trying to explain to said scrub why he/she is wrong.
End. Of. Discussion.


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I will test that Setsuka backthrow right now. I've had it connect ONCE on Astaroth.

Against Apprentice, it can be done by doing 214A6:5A:5A. By not holding 6, Rock will slowly drift away and BARELY land the 3rd hit. Crouch throw will land after that. It does not work for every character.

Guarenteed or tech trap? MUST KNOW!