Gaming Habits


[10] Knight
Would anybody like to share their habits while gaming?
Stuff like:
-Background Music
-Favorite controller

I feel like I have to sit up to get a good match, I have something like paramore on in the background and I like to use a standard red Dualshock 3 controller.

South Of Heaven

[10] Knight
I play sitting down in a chair, can't play laying down, or with anything more/less than a t-shirt and jeans on, for some odd reason. I usually have some background music on (recently it's been Holy Orders from GG2)

As far as my controller goes, I use my standard XB360 controller even though I need a new one because mine's buttons right now is super-sticky due to a soda incident.

I tend to make the mistake of jumping right into online matches first thing when I really should be doing at least one offline Quick Battle before I play to warm myself up.


[14] Master
Sit up definitely, I can't even sit back in a chair. I have to be either sitting straight up or leaning forward to focus on what I'm playing.


[12] Conqueror
I have this tendency to look around between matches. In the arcades, I would always turn to see who's behind me. I get paranoid too.


[14] Master
Sometimes I go into autopilot mode until something intrigues me. Despite doing my best, I sometimes don't go all out. Especially when it comes to grinding it out for some achievement or saving my focus to play hard when necessary.

On certain occasions, I play some music depending on my mood. Sometimes though, I get bored of playing games and go straight to wasting time away on the internet, do something productive than play games, or find some company to go enjoy my time with(family members, friends, etc).

I've gotten to the point that I have to take breaks from video games. I sometimes get bored to even grind out in autopilot mode to get some easy achievement for instance. I think I'm slowly growing out of caring about every detail in video games: The trolling, online idiots, the achievements, all but feel empty to me at times. Maybe I'm slowly growing out of things.


[09] Warrior
Every time I lose a round I adjust my glasses as if it will magically make me better. Too bad it never does.
I tend to want my seat to be directly in the middle area of the screen when I'm playing alone. Any more left or right will make me feel incomplete.
I also tell myself I'm not salty after losing matches, but deep inside I'm feeling something.
I use my specific controller since it has scratch indents from iMCFs and it feels "right."


[12] Conqueror
I play my games sitting up wrapped up in a warm fuzzy blanket. I gotta be comfortable. In between matches or during my breaks, I listen to music.

Depending on which game I play, I sometimes lay down in my bed yet again wrapped up in blankets with big pillows propping my head up. My cat snuggles with me whenever I do that x3

I still use my standard ps3 controller I've had since The day I got my ps3. I cant switch it. Nice and broken in just like a comfy couch you know?


[14] Master
It really depends on what game it is I'm playing.

-I have to sit right in the middle of the TV
-The house has to be clean
-I sit up straight except when I'm waiting for a match or my turn
-I sometimes hype myself up when I have a long win streak and someone who seems is going to be a good opponent fights me.
-If I get too salty, I'll leave the Player Match room or if I'm on Ranked, I'll just change the game. If I'm salty when I'm playing, I get the idea that I can't perform as well.

Other games:
-Clean house
-Music( maybe)
-I start leaning on my chair

I use the standard Xbox 360 controller. I really like it~


[12] Conqueror
I'll often lay down or lean back in a chair, but I have to sit up straight when things get real. Like I'll just be chilling there, playing and then somebody comes into a match and completely trounces me. Then I'll have to sit up, concentrate, and unleash a stream of obsenities (with my mic off...usually).

I have music playing a lot of the time. Not really anything in particular, just music that I like. I do avoid using soft music when playing a fighting game, though. Need ass-kicking music. Also, I admit to playing "Don't Fear the Reaper" by Blue Oyster Cult while playing Mass Effect at least like... 15 times.

I also like to read books while waiting for my turn in player matches or when waiting to find an opponent. Basically, my ADD-riddled mind can't take even just a few minutes of patiently waiting. It does give me a chance to catch up on my reading, though.


[14] Master
If I cross my legs while playing I always play bad, sitting in the dark always makes me shit.

Oh and playing Fifa, I can play that like a zombie. Having wild conversations with my brother until oh shit he just scored and I don't remember the past 80 mintues of the game.

Seran Zealot

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I have to sit up, and stare down the center of my t.v for one, despite slouching carelessly. (And at a certain distance too, I feel as though my play is severely degraded if I'm too far back or close.) I also feel as though I'm disabled if I am playing off-axis horizontally or lying down.

It's a rare day when I listen to music and it has a sort of random effect depending on the game I'm playing. I hardly do it with Soul Calibur or any single player game. But it will generally give me a boost if I'm playing a shooter, or other online frag-fest. Probably because I feel as though I'm making a montage video. Other times music will fuck me over because I can't hear what's happening around me.

As far as play-style goes, I'm bad in the sense I'm usually on auto-pilot. I don't like giving out everything I've got. It wasn't typically a problem till I started playing this game more seriously. I'm either too distracted with friends or have the mentality of only being good when I can half-ass and beat people that it hurts me since I haven't actually practiced in Calibur to the point where that happens. Kind of sucks it feels like gaming has become way less enjoyable than it used to be for me.
Oh yeah, I play with 360 pads that are usually quickly degraded in quality. But I've always loved the xbox controller so I don't see myself switching to anything else.


Alchemist of the Ages
I have to be sitting down to play and I usually have a bottle of water next to me. I never play any music but I do sometimes hype myself up. Xbox controller is the only way to go for me ^__^


[09] Warrior
-Sit 2 feet away from the T.V
-Listen to music
-Run my hair back with my hands everytime I get pissed
-slouch like a fat bitch
-text during loading times


[10] Knight
1) My ass has to be planted on the floor (I can't stand chairs)
2) Berserker Musix (or trollolol music)
3) Max volume on Astro's (ear breaking, but greatest reliever for all bullshit)
4) Spam "Casual Scrub"
5) Get really pissed off for anyone who runs away from me (which often leads to my death, because I recklessly chase them down, getting ambushed)
5) Go retarded (meaning berserker rage)(only happens when I'm at the top of my game)
6) Talk massive shit (DEX SEX)
7) Fall over & sleep where I was sitting during game or my head is just really down & I'm sleeping while sitting up. (This happens quite often)


[13] Hero
I can play casually in any position, lying down, slouched, crossed legs, on my bed, on the couch, on the floor, standing, sitting, walking or jogging on my treadmill, even upside down hanging half way off the furniture. But there is one and only one stance for when shit gets real. Back straight, feet planted, controller lowered, eyes forward. My friends have all pointed it out before.

I do occasionally listen to other music while I play games. Sometimes you've heard the games music so much you have to or youll go insane. Speaking of music, DOA beach volleyball has made it so I always have to play George Duke's "Brazilian Sugar" in any game with a casino. Mass Effect 3 citadel DLC? You bet I was playing that in the background.

When I play a game like fallout new Vegas I'll often get a playlist ready that sounds like the music the game already has, drifting along with the tumbling tumbleweeds, that sort of thing. I also never smack talk. Ever. Let your skill do the talking in a game, not your mouth.


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I Play to win. Thats my habit c:

If I lose, I just laugh it off, maybe get salty here and there, but I don't go overboard with that. Besides, theres always a tommorow.

If I find myself in a negative streak (losses or something) I just turn off the PS3 and do something else, simple lol. You'd be surprised how much better you would do than if you kept playing, and that goes for any game.

Oh yeah, if you game on the basis, be sure to give yourself one hourly breaks here and there. It's healthy for you! *thumbs up*