Gimpin' Ain't Easy Voldo General Discussion

Voldo is a great RO character
He s the new Aon,lol

4K/ 7A

CH BS 236A/4K/7A
Been dicking around with RO combos as well and he seems to have a few reliable and easily accessible options, sometimes with disgusting range.

Mini break down. On air hit:
ABA - NCC that knocks to voldos right.
BS 9A - Corkscrews very far forward.
BS 6K - Corkscrews to voldos back-turned right, i.e. left if he were to be facing towards.
FC 3B - Ghetto corkscrews (still untechable) and goes very far.
6AA - Can NOT be air controlled out if is set up properly. Takes the opponent for a ride that ends in a corkscrew.

Ring out combos: (lots of repetition, sorry)
4K / BS 4K
- BS 9A (RO's forward (far))
- BS 6K (RO's right)

- ABA (RO's right)

- BS 9A (RO's backward (far))
- BS 6K (RO's right)

- BS 4K, BS 9A (RO's forward (far))
- BS 4K, BS 6K (RO's right)
- BS 8K (RO's forward over walls)

BS 7/8/9A
- ABA (RO's right)

- ABA (RO's right)
- 4K, BS 9A (RO's forward (far))
- 4K, BS 6K (RO's right)

- 6AA* (RO's forward +AC direction (very far))
- FC 3B (RO's forward (far))

- 6AA* (RO's backwards + AC direction (very far))
- FC 3B (RO's backwards (far))

- MCHT B, WR B (RO's backwards (far))

* The first hit of 6AA must connect as close as the ground as possible in order to catch all AC directions (tested on voldo only).

There's also combo variations where you can sneak in a 4K into BS 9A or 6K instead of the stuff you'd normally do for damage, but I forgot to write it down. Also sorry if I got the notations wrong. It's been a while.

All these combos will technically wall splat as well, but I have not found reliable ways to capitalize on that so far. Voldos wall game appears to be pretty unreliable in general without proper setups.
So, don't know if anybody saw this, but during BS CR, you can CE or SC (6A+B+K instead of 4A+B+K) without meter.

Best CE combos?
So, don't know if anybody saw this, but during BS CR, you can CE or SC (6A+B+K instead of 4A+B+K) without meter.

Best CE combos?

With the free CE? WR B, 236A+B+K comes to mind.
The free CE only works back turned so you can only use it from there or from a launcher that puts you there.

As such, I can imagine 44B and 4K / BS 4K could be followed up with a free CE too. I only tested the WR B so far - will check out for more in training this eve
I only ever used it against 1A spammers online (ie. slow tracking low that I can see easily), they wanna play dirty, I'd just throw them some infinite CE...
One not gameplay related question: dose anyone know how to unlock the hells guardian title from the trailer? I know it exists, but it's not from the story mode
Kval, you forgot his longest ranged ringout.

CR K, MCFT66~B+K cancel underneath the airborn opponent, MCFT 4K.

Rings out for *miles*.