Global Colosseo is back up on XBL


[09] Warrior
For anyone who plays on XBL, the GC is working again after being down for about a year, despite it running without issues on PSN since day 1. Apparently someone finally found the plug socket for the XBL GC server over at the mainframe.

Looking forward to some more high-quality public trash talking.


[09] Warrior
Nah mate, the world's best players are in there though.

(For example the legend Zombie God).


[10] Knight
Well, didn't expect it to be back, and I though they shut down the GC server on X360 version of unknown reasons, guess someone goofed and forgot to turn it back on, lol.

Crash X

[14] Master
Now that the XBL GC is back I guess it won't be long until the good ol' drama itself returns there as well.
Oh XBL is too good sometimes.