god this bitch is cheap

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cheap as hell.
So cheap that she makes Chinese Nike sweatshop products look like a Paris Lingerie store.
So cheap that McDonalds sent a study to find out if their $1 Cheeseburger could compete.
Hilde's cheaper than the prostitute who got arrested for giving up that aaayyyyuuussss!!!! for a box of chips.
Hilde is cheaper than the "free shit" category on craigslist.
Hilde is cheaper than Death Note users


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lol ..then play another game or stop playing against her...she is a part of that game..if ya have so many problems(like many people here-.-)then start study her frames,vid`s etc.


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i know her frames and how to fight her it doesnt change the fact. In fact her frames heavily support my claim lol. It just sucks a character like her can ruin an otherwise great game.


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Damnit belial I was JUST ABOUT to type that then your message comes before mine.


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i dont know if you realise this but if you study her frames it makes her seem that much cheaper so thats not a good answer and offbeat knows his stuff but im guessing this is durected twords noface :) am i right


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well, this forum obviously not getting enough whine. =)

When I first played Algol I was like "wtf?!". Then I studied him, and each time I improved this matchup. What I mean - every time I did research it were paying back.
With Hilde it just feels like the more I learn her, the more frustrating it gets.

Thats just about all I have to say about this. I'm sorry for adding up to Hilde whine.


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Damn Hilde just continues to frustrate the hell out of almost everyone in this community.

Its so hilarious these days and I can't get over how random this thread is!

Came outta left field!


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I heard crying totally ups your game. Anyway, if you quit the game, have fun with with Sagat and V-13!


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Seriously though.....stfu and go qq somewhere else noob

I suck horrendously at this game and get pwnd by pretty much everyone...you don't hear me bitchin

It's still a fucking fun game
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