Guidos everywhere are devastated


[09] Warrior
Over 20 different stuies found that using tanning beds before youre 30 increases skin cancer risks by 75%.

British researches say its as bad as mustard gas.

More on it here:

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[08] Mercenary
Seriously, no joke...

They look like Oompa Loompas. There's no simile. There's no metaphor or analogy. They are fucking Guido Oompa Loompas.


[10] Knight
Back when I worked at the gym, there'd be a ton of fat chicks that didn't have a gym membership, ONLY the $10 tanning membership. Kinda like polishing a turd lol.


[13] Hero
Oh wow... another link to

I never would have guessed.


So anyways. Ultraviolet light is bad for your skin. Some people believe that if that light be artificial it's not bad for them, yo. I don't know where the disconnect comes in. Some people also believe doing it standing up will keep your girl from getting pregnant. Some people must enjoy surprises.


[09] Warrior
now i'm glad i resisted when a couple of friends of mine tryed to get me tanning. as if chain smoking and living in jersey didn't put me at a high enough risk