Hi everyone!


[06] Combatant
Hello, I've been lurking on the forums for a couple of weeks now, but decided to join! I've been a big fan of the Soulcalibur franchise since I was... 5? 6? I can't remember when my dad got SCI, but I was fascinated with it, especially with Ivy's snake sword (to this day it's still one of my favorite video game weapons). However, it wasn't until SCIII that I fell in love with the series and started playing it religiously. I really loved the story mode and character creation in that game, and it remains my favorite of the franchise despite the bugs and balance issues. While SCIV and SCV were huge letdowns for me, I still played them quite a bit until moving on to other games by the time I hit college. However, with all of the news coming out for SCVI, my excitement for the franchise has been renewed, and I eagerly wait for it to come out.

I've only ever been a casual fan of the franchise, and have no intentions of going competitive, but I may try playing online sometime. My favorites to play are Taki (my main), Xianghua, Tira, and Raphael (though only really in SCII and SCIII), and I look forward to playing as Groh in SCVI. I love making custom characters in the games that have that feature, and I may post them here if I get the time.

As for some other info about me, I'm also a big fan of the Resident Evil, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Mortal Kombat, and Dark Souls franchise (including Bloodborne, which is one of my favorite games ever). I also like reading (mainly books about microbiology, since that's the field I'm going into), listening to music (mainly rock, classical, and synthwave), and cats.

I look forward to posting here and meeting everyone. :)


[12] Conqueror
A fellow Ivy and cat fan salutes and welcomes you.

I have been playing Soul Calibur on almost a daily basis for 7 years now. I always had this drive to try and topple giants, which is what fueled my desire to get acquainted with the game's mechanics. Should you ever find a similar drive inside yourself, this forum is a great place for getting to know the deeper mysteries of Calibur. Of course, creations are fun too. ^^