Hilde Character Request Petition - SC VI


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UPDATE: Petition has been designed, find it here: http://chng.it/d26297Djb4

Howdy All Soulcal Buddybuddies!

I am drafting up a petition to garner support for Hilde as one of Season 2's characters. In order to market the petition to the main Soulcalibur audiences I plan to write it in English, French, Japanese, and Russian.

I have connections that will help me write it in English, French, and Japanese but am looking for someone who can help translate to Russian.

The content of the petition will be very simple and should be three paragraphs maximum. It will include:
  1. What is the ask!
  2. Why is Hilde important for the roster!
  3. When do we want it!
A few questions for the group:
  1. Would anyone be willing to help with Russian translation?
  2. Is anyone interested in signing the petition?
  3. Are there any key language groups or demographics you feel I may be missing?
Note: For the sake of my petition, it will not be advocating for Hilde over other characters (i.e. it won't say don't bring Setsuka, instead bring Hilde), instead it will be focused on how she is a value add to the roster for various reasons.
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Wow, are you going to do the petition on change.org? I mean, if this is serious than yeah I will sign to hopefully bring her back.


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As an update to all those interested. I have drafted the petition and am currently getting it translated to other languages. The petition will be shared on change.org and I will post it here at that time.