Hilde: Q&A/General Discussion Thread


[10] Knight
The trick to beating the average hilde is just to sit back and let them kill themselfs. Very few hildes play the c2a game plan. And in the end if you dont play spacing heavy safe style your opponent can just block vs you all day. Forcing you to go for grab attempts. When this happens i feel like you have already lost. Moves like AB hold can hit, but over all doing AB hold vs someone who is really good at the game is a bad idea. Maybe the first round when they dont have bar its a ok idea. Or maybe by the rings edge. Overall these moves are way to risky. Watch how much AB hold kamichan uses. He only does c3a by mistake.


Doom Combo is Back!
Personally I found that Hilde works best as a nuisance poke with evasive counters.

I tend to do dumb stuff like 3K, 3K, 3K, block, 3K, Block, oh you're doing 1a? 33K. randomly get a hard read with 22B into c2b loop bt k ender into c2b reset/c4a mixup