Hilde: Video / Feedback Thread

Discussion in 'Hilde' started by Ceirnian, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. Ceirnian

    Ceirnian [10] Knight

    Post up what you find
  2. Fuzzieviking

    Fuzzieviking [13] Hero

    ^ this hilde wasn't particularly impressive how ever the moment at :57 is amazing. My jaw dropped when he just guarded that and responded perfectly
  3. Aggi

    Aggi [01] Neophyte

    i'm much more impressed by the viola player lol
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  4. Hitage

    Hitage [03] Disciple

    Random video of myself. Thought I would contribute something since theres not much and you cant save top ranking player's replays to your hdd


  5. Haitian_Sensei

    Haitian_Sensei [03] Disciple

  6. SnowflakeSVK

    SnowflakeSVK [04] Fighter

    In the quick reply box, there is a little picture of a piece of film or whatever, next to the picture of a tree. It's titled Media. Click that.

    (Courtesy of Haitian Sensei, Hilde gameplay starts at 14:10)

    Like that.
  7. Hitage

    Hitage [03] Disciple

    added 2 more videos to my post, trying to improve
  8. Corpsedance

    Corpsedance [03] Disciple

    Kay so the first clip is me in P1 costume fighting another Hilde.
    I'm still learning this game and I need tips. I allready figured out I should stop trying to punish missed CE's with CE's.
    That shit cost me like 5 games allready so far.

    Second clip is me getting absolutely destroyed by a Zwei I realize I messed up at the first round by setting myself up for a easy ring out. The other two rounds I'm just clueless.
    Any tips? :)
  9. caseh

    caseh [09] Warrior

    Soak up the combos hes using and counter with [A+B] more, especially if they just stand in front of you and guard at any point. If it connects it stuns and opens up Hilde's overhead launcher unless they break the stun, very rarely gets broken online. It still give you advantage on block (i think) and you can also have c2a charged ready to go and will catch players off guard if they look to counter.

    Just to demo what i'm talking about ive uploaded a video, not exactly a stella performance and used throws too much but you'll see how effective [A+B] can be:

    Oh and against Zwei stay away from the ring edge, retrospect is a fine thing eh. :)
  10. RedBreast

    RedBreast [01] Neophyte

  11. RedBreast

    RedBreast [01] Neophyte

  12. Akiru

    Akiru [05] Battler

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  13. jadebear

    jadebear [01] Neophyte

    My Hilde In action nothing to special though
  14. Corpsedance

    Corpsedance [03] Disciple

    Still playing, still bad. Currently sitting at a W/L % of 36.
    I believe I got better after some of your advice caseh, as in using my A+B more.
    I am getting better at some matchups though I still get destroyed by Siegfrieds and Mitsu's.
    And thats pretty much every game get to play.

    Tips welcome!
  15. HiguraShiki

    HiguraShiki [10] Knight

    This thread needs more videos! I need to see more Hilde footage!
    Hell, I might start posting some vids!
  16. FalnRedemption

    FalnRedemption [01] Neophyte

    I'm not that great but I thought It was funny how the other player used his CE on me and I used mine to go through it. At the time I wasn't sure if it would work or not but had a hunch it would. It happens at the end of the 5th round (2:50) if you just want to skip to it. Also I know it's hard to see but what do you guys think of my custom costumes?

  17. Azazel

    Azazel [12] Conqueror

    Pretty god vids. where is Cernian btw?
  18. Hussler

    Hussler Hilde SA Mod

    For the new Hilde players. Not mine.
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  19. Hussler

    Hussler Hilde SA Mod

    Do you know if Cernian still plays Hilde? He was pretty awesome with her.
  20. Azazel

    Azazel [12] Conqueror

    He is suppose to be the SA Mod here, but haven't seen him posting in a while.

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