Hilde's Oki Game

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Hey guys,

I picked up Hilde early on and have been messing with her lately, I enjoy her spacing/forcewhiff play style and the reward I get for doing so combined with a healthy spattering of frame traps.

I recently got a lot more comfortable in situations where I'm forced into my opponents face and can see how to get options there. What I noticed around there is that a lot of options I use to get out of pressure in people's faces e.g. B+K, 2A+B and throw game KND and leave opponents relatively close.

I am curious what some of the more experienced Hilde players do in these types of situations.

My conclusions so far are that she has an unfortunately low number of ground hitting/tracking moves.
-66A+B has a pathetically small hit box and is super easy to roll, +5 on block is nice but people seem to roll constantly against this.
-1A is +2 on hit, hits grounded but it doesn't seem to consistently catch rolling.
-1B is +4 on hit, but seems to catch rolling even worse than 1A.
-1K doesn't hit grounded at all
-2K is alright, shave off some damage and only -2 on hit greek punishable on block though.

Are people using these options to go into say 1A, FC 2A shenanigans into throw/WR K as a mix-up?

Or do people favour regaining distance after a successful close range KND?

I'd love to hear some thoughts or suggestions and up my Hilde game!


[09] Warrior
Her oki game is pretty garbage. Putting them on the ground isn't really your goal or doesn't give you an advantage; you want them in the AIR, where you can bounce them with silly combos!

66A+B, agree.
1A, I'm confused if it's SUPPOSED to hit grounded or not, it doesn't end up doing that for me. 11A does sometimes...? I just feel it's unreliable.
1B, I feel like it's only good if your opponent knows your ground game is shit and stays on the ground laughing at you.
2K, agree, it's an okay option.

I like 44K, since it's mid, does hit grounded! Not the best for tracking though. If your opponent tries to retaliate with low attacks, it tech jumps.

I'm looking for any extra oki tips too...it's just pretty bleak for her, I'd rather let them get up and play the spacing/whiff game.


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2B and 44K.
44K catches roll and 2B is just a quick OTG.
If you ground them, think of what you want afterwards. if you're against a char like Siegfried etc, you might want to start spacing after a KND (22B spaces the fuck out of Sieg, Rapes all his ranged anti-step).
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