Honesty: How hard is it being a Mina player?

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Hilde is broken... Full Stage RO WTF?... Doom Combo should be banned.... Omg C3A Q_Q aGIs Mids OMG She stepped my AA wtf BAN NAO

I'd do one for Algol too, but I'm too lazy.


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Aside from the fact that Mina's hot and Kilik isn't.../QUOTE]

Maybe to you, but I personally find Kilik to be one of the hottest guys in the game, right next to Yun-Seoung.
Well yay for you. But I don't care too much about guys, so Mina will be hotter for me 24/7.

But if it makes this more argument friendly, I hope Yun-Seong gets trampled by a trolly with Rock and Astaroth in it, cut in little pieces, then ringed out of Yoshimitsu's SC3 stage, and his pieces resurrected, but not rejoined, then repeat the same process again on each one of them. And again. And get Hwang back in the game FGS.
Kilik's Ok with me though. xD


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I will say this, though. If there were no critical finishes in this game and Mi-na's moves/frames were still the same as they are now, then I'd have to give up on her. Then I'd use....uh.........Shura, I guess?
If you put as much effort and time into Cervy finds as you do into Mina, he'd be broke.


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Her 2A+K technically tech jumps lows since her body is up swinging like a stripper.
So it's good for that, but her 77_11 B give you the same thing it's just a stronger vertical instead.

Would you ever need to use a horizontal on a tech jump over a low?
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