how do items affect custom characters in gameplay?


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just curious. I wanted to know if there were any advantages that could be gained from adding items in certain areas, or if doing so was a bad idea.

for instance, I heard that custom algol had to have all 3 items or else he'd be banned in online tournaments (I know, more bs, right?)

also is there anywhere I could find out what, if anything, outfit parts do for my characters stats? size as well?

Party Wolf

In SCV cosmetics don't do anything gameplay related. Only thing that might mess people up is if it is distracting or if you aren't using an original character's model

Crash X

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Example would be using a sphere of drums to conceal a character's movements.
Thunder God drums, I've seen those before. On par with cock themed CaS and topless female CaS (even though the latter two are more distracting instead of giving you advantages, to which they don't).

On topic, I'm not sure what can be considered game breaking for equipment. In terms of specific hex edits though, those things I can't stand.