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Great job! Much appreciated.

btw you can aGI the second hit of Xiba's 33KB even without jG'ing the K part of it.
huh. wonder how that got in there
P.S Also everyone remember after a successful A+B 236K IS GUARANTEED AFTER IT. You get your bar build up and the EPIC damage and depending how far you knock them you still have enough time to 236236K to hit them. The ground stun is pretty long and gives you that window of opportunity to 236K
This isn't guaranteed, they can ukemi in any direction and block.

If they just lay there, they'll get hit, though. Rolling is impossible (they just lay there). If they hold G and don't ukemi they get hit.

236K is 100% guaranteed near a boundary (wall, ring edge).

Dampierre updated. Good night, sweet prince.


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How many frames must pass before Stigma Reflection's GI window gets active (i.e. what's the "startup" on the GI)? Pretty often I'll instinctively try to GI some mid and find myself get slashed because the GI didn't come out in time - I'd like to know what kind of startup I need here.

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Don't know if it's already known but Patroklos can get a free A+B counter off of Pyrrha Omega's 11 AA_A[A]. It's great cause it works if you block or get hit. Also you don't have to time it. Just press A+B don't charge it. If she charges it hits her before she hits you. If she doesn't charge it will agi. If she charges a little the agi window is big enough to counter it no matter how long she holds the partial charge. Completely brain dead.


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66_33_99A<B (interrupts unblockable as well)
Whhaaaaattt!!!!??!?!?! o_O

Does this work for any other unblockables or is it just a wierd only-works-on-this-one-move kind of thing?

Nevermind, I just realised that it hits before the unblockable connects. Duhhhhrrr me.