In The Court of Law: Patroklos Punishment


I will show you...
Punish a whiff with 66A~BE, 1B~BE, CE into a ringout as you say "Feel my two meter peter!" then throw your controller down on the ground and walk outside holding your arm up like Patroklos and smirking at all the lesser beings around you.


Hilde SA Mod
for Hilde, add these:
[3A] - 66B (tiny window, practice the timing in training)
c3A - A+B (aGI) the second hit, 66B (JG 2nd hit)
c3B - A+B (aGI) the second hit, 66B (JG 2nd hit; JG not recommended)
[A+B] - 66B
66B BE - 66B (the BE can be delayed, don't backstep after blocking a 66B or you will get punished with the BE)

the thing about c3a and c3b is that the second hits comes out even on block, so be sure to punish her for using it.
I used to be a Hilde main, so I know what moves to watch out for :p.

Violent Vodka

Pick Your Poison
Ooooh, sexy Critical Edge JG punish.. B+K CE. 123-137.
Works on: Patroklos, Z.W.E.I. (close range), Leixia, Raphael, Pyrrha, Xiba, Nightmare, Mitsurugi, Maxi, Alpha Patroklos, Pyrrha Omega.
Near wall/edge: Natsu*, Siegfried.

Natsu*: If they go into Possession near a wall, your CE will miss. You can punish 66B, though they can do the PO BE and evade that.
Ezio: 66B combos would probably be best.
Cervantes: On JG, you can't even get 3B.. You're better off just ducking and punishing with 236A.B/(near wall/edge) WR K.A CE/236K.
Aeon: 66B combos would likely be best.
Tira<3: 66B combos 'n' stuff, blahblah.
Yoshimitsu: 66B comos.
Elysium: Even at closest range, you're separated by the end of it. 66A BE 66A+B/(near wall/edge) 66B combos.
Algol: 66B combos. At starting positions, 66A BE will connect.
Ivy and Astaroth: Duck if you can react to it, punish with 66B combos.
Dampierre: Wait for the aGI to fade away, punish with B+K CE/66B combos.