Iron CAS


[10] Knight
Pocky changed the way I view entries, I now can't vote for an entry not doing anything special with the item.
Having said that my vote goes to FreeMeal, the zipper looks good on them and it works well with the demonic gear.

Runner ups: Maisie for her Celia, amazing (best) stickering job of the item but I'm not really fond of the rest as a whole. HolyCarp for his twins, very good concept but not very related to the item.

(The following is NOT part of the contest)
I wanted to make a third entry using the hat for lacy warmers, but I just didn't have time:


It looks better in a smaller size without the ribbon but I was experimenting. This should probably work with other gloves, boots and stockings (note it in your thread Le Bello?).

I made the following one in time but it's too plain and ordinary for me, didn't want to submit something I'm not completely sure of:


Unrelated but some headgears make the afro look not so bad.
(The preceding is NOT part of the contest)
Congratulations! You made a hipster! (Trolling)
Really though, Im surprised the afro doesn't look that bad. Now if only we could just have a toggle to turn off item break.


[09] Warrior
my vote goes to matty i don't like too much the use of the arm warmers but the sticker use and the colors are amazing


[13] Hero
The way following used the Arm Warmers caught my eye this time around:

Noregrets - Ruby
Samaras_Madness - Decora Girl
Matty82 - Gizelle
MistaKoo - "Bombs"
HolyCarp - Velia, Bila, and Umbra
FreeMeal - General Greedar
Fliptop - Kendra

I vote for HolyCarp. I couldn't really make out the Arm Warmers on Bila and Umbra, but Velia carries the part very well and looks great overall. I think part of the Arm Warmers' awkwardness is their bulkiness, especially at the upper opening, where it looks like it should be slipping down. On Velia, this was circumvented with the rings, making Arm Warmers look more like a tighter version of the Adept's Sleeves. They were also used as what they were meant to be, Arm Warmers, and not transformed into something like armor, though the transformations are genius in and of themselves. It really looks like those specific arm parts belong there and that no other part, like the venatic gloves, would do their job better.


[14] Master
Pardon the double post but here's the next ingredient

New Centurion

I'll get to odd choice and winners soon I promise. Just thought I reveal an ingredient so peeps can keep moving.


[12] Conqueror
So my entry this time is a bit different and experimental:



I wanted to completely base the design around the item, especially the colors. I added white because I needed one more color (and technically white isn't a color).
I know it's generic and obvious, but why not? Do we always have to design a memorable character? It works for what it's supposed to be, a generic grunt just like Assassin and Berserker.


[14] Master
Winner of the Iron CAS (Arm warmers): HolyCarp

Odd choice award still pending. Contest for the new item is underway until July 24th. On July 24th, we vote until July 26th. Get to it, 8wayrunners.


[14] Master
Oh wow, I actually won, didn't expect that! Even though there weren't so many votes this time round, I'll still gladly take this victory with both hands and run! :P

To tell the truth, the arm warmers are one of my least favourite items in the game, which only verifies the reasons why I love this competition. It allows you to look at equipment in brand new ways, and realise the versatility of items you thought were restrictive (kitty head challenge is a perfect example of this). Though I actually like the New Centurion, so I dunno if I'll enter this one yet. Either way, I always love to see how everyone interprets the item in their submissions.


I don't know.
How about something created intentionally to be offensive? >:3

I've deleted this character ages ago, but I present to you...


If you're native to Ireland or the British isles, you should be offended right now for I am savagely mocking your cultural heritage!



...So yeah. Basically William Wallace with a touch of Druid-ish shtuff. What? I like randomly combining stuff, sometimes the result is fun. Sometimes.


[13] Hero
I'm surprised by the secret ingredient, this time around. Usually, it's something that people avoid, but I've always liked the New Centurion and I got the impression that other people do, too.

Anyway, here's an entry for this round. Meet Ken, a samurai from the West. He left Europe at an early point in his life, being raised in Japan, instead. Now, he's one of the most feared warriors in the warring states.






- This guy is the finished version of a experimental design from my Short Trunks (KING) experiments.

- The design kind of naturally gravitated toward an ice theme. The Warrior's Vest was patterned with Oriental 7 up top to simulate snow and Basic 15 on the bottom to look like mountains. The theme works well, considering Siggy's CE.

- The tasset made of Feathers of Strength is a bit clippy, but I had to get something to block out the writing on the front of the short trunks. The New Centurion also clips through the Warrior's Vest, but still like it on here anyway.

- On armor break, you can see that Ken's taken some damage. Bandages were bloodied with Modern 3 and Motif 88.


[12] Conqueror
For my second entry I wanted to take the first one and make a more interesting look out of it. The colors are all messed up but they're the default for the weapon.




I was going to make a more heroic third version but thought I was pushing it too much. I wasted a lot of hours on this one and I'm still not satisfied by it.




This round's scrapped idea: cowgirl skirt, it gives a subtle accessorized look beneath the new centurion.


[10] Knight
I cant remember if it was in Breath of Death VII or Cthulu Saves The World... but this guy reminds me an enemy called "beltman"


[13] Hero
Hay guys soooo sorry I didn't get to vote for the last round, last couple of weeks have been hetic! but great work everyone


[14] Master
Review time!

Close calls.

VILARCANE - The Tiger Lee was nice with nunchaku on his belt, but there wasn't much captivation there.

Maisie - Eve has a nice color scheme, but certain pieces feel out of place. I won't list which ones since most kinda feel out of place. Eve is a bit choked up in a nutshell. Celia seems more stronger because it's more simpler. All that aside, please keep entering since trial and errors always strengthen creativity.

Fliptop - Always impressed with your control on color and ability to make things look natural, but today I went with a different CAS that captivated me more. Kendra as I remember her, is very nice. She just works. Cali? Not so much, but trial and errors always make you stronger.

ReblFLEURxA187 - Witch Hilde may swoon me, but it'll take more than that. It's simple but not that elegant. In general, it could use more tweaks. Despite that, Hilde looks elegant in everything ^^;

FreeMeal - Very clever use of that sticker on the arm warmers. What also made your CAS a strong entry was you used items and made them compliment each other. However, the color scheme is where it goes downhill. Two bright color schemes scare me away. Perhaps if you toned down the saturation and added another color to help with it more, it could guarantee you a victory.

Samaras_Madness - Hyperactive bubblegum cutesy girl was great until Pocky Yoshi realized she was wearing shoes that are out of place. Thou hast made Pocky Yoshi eliminated thee just for that.

Noregrets - While Ruby looks very intriguing, something about her doesn't sit well with me. The wolf felt kinda weak as an entry. Despite that,, Ruby was captivating in her own right.

Matty82 - Gizelle was a very strong entry. She looked very natural and awesome, but today I chose a different winner despite how strong she was.

Winner is












Strong entries were Matty82 because of Gizelle, Fliptop because of Kendra, FreeMeal because of General Greedar, and Samaras_Madness because of Decora Girl.

In general, Mistakoo wins because of the lady with a snake one side with another snake with a bomb in it's mouth(hope it won't go off). The whole color schemes and items just clicked. To give you an idea how much I found this one captivating, it could possibly look amazing on someone like Ivy, our lovely whip sword user or even Hilde.

The subzero lookalike was a nice add-on bonus. My only nitpick is tone down the cyan a little. But it's a minor.

Arm warmers were difficult for even me, but well done guys for making me take forever trying to evaluate a winner. Pocky Yoshi rests until the next one.