Is Create-A-Soul Important?

Is Create-A-Soul Important?

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    Votes: 80 92.0%
  • NO

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To me is one of the most important parts of the games. At this point I don't even know if I would buy a new settlement without this option. Because an almost-offline player I expend lots of time in CAS. When it came out in SC3 it just blew my mind, and now I can't imagine SC without it, even if wasn't there since the beginning


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Customization is one of the most important things appearance-wise for a fighter, since you want your Kilik to stand out from all the other thousands of Kiliks out there.

One of the many things wrong with SFV is that they only have a set amount of colors for a handful of default costumes (well, a handful for anyone that's not Chun-Li) and not even a color-edit mode. SCVI on the other hand has allowed me to make 3 custom Kilik skins that I love and an OC female Kilik for Libra that I became very attached to.


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I found out about 8wayrun by Google searching CaS stuff. That was a huge discovery for me, but I don't think that CaS mode is important for competitive play. I feel that a lot more of the casual player base is populating the forums now because of discord being a thing.
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No, for me it is not nearly as important as the game (or the fighting) itself. I've been playing SC since 1998, and back then, CaS was not even a thought in the dev's minds. For me, what really sets SC apart from other fighting games is the mechanics (GIs, 8wayRun, vert and horiz moves, etc.). To be honest, even when I enjoy CaS from time to time, I hardly ever pick one of those chars to play with. I'm just in love with the original cast, I like their design, personalities and back stories. And yes, I'd buy every SC game even if they announced CaS will be removed.


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I spend about 3 times as much time playing with CaS than I do playing any other part of Soul Calibur, so, yes, it's important, very very much so.

Mind you, it doesn't mean I do not enjoy the gameplay of the base game itself, it does mean, though, that I would enjoy it immeasurably less if I could make up crazy stuff in CAS, or if I couldn't , say, play some rankeds with my created characters.


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This is a very strange poll, especially considering you posted it in the CAS section of the 8wayrun forums. There is dramatic selection bias in this methodology. That being said... who cares!!! CAS is great!

My opinion is best summarized in bullet points:
  • Soulcalibur is a fighting game before a character creation game.
  • Character creation is a strong supplemental element to the franchise, expanding on and increasing its playability.
Personally, I love character creation as it allows me to express the personality of the characters in unique and diverse ways.


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Some people don't want to be honest with themselves. I understand some people with casual opinions is like listening to an irritating exuberant school kid, but some people need to remember they were once one.

It doesn't hurt to drop the "omg it's about frame data and win tournaments" or "welp another person to troll because he whines" act and express art with others since it's included.

Hell, some peeps here know I can relate to both sides of the fence which I'll brag makes me more versatile.

CAS can be a tool for something just like competitive butt-whoopings. What some competitive peeps need to do is get at their level. Stop being lazy.

I get "life got me caught up" or "cas takes too much time so why bother" and etc.

You still have audiences to address despite the excuses. I'm not saying we should be carebears in cliques, I'm saying where's your creativity and passion?


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I second every word of that PY : my biggest issue right now is that CAS creation is taking me away from actually making any progress in the style mastery dept. I haven't even finished LoS yet, and i want to, just to see how much more cheesier it can get, and how ugly the AI CAS offering can be (albeit way better than what's on offer in chronicles mind ya).

I don't aim at being competitive, but believe me, i could be, considering i still manage to land a few wins on peeps doing ranked on a regular basis, but i'd really wish i had/took the time to explore all the cool new movesets and variations and impress the kids & friends with my fighting style as much as with my CAS.

So again, CAS is both a blessing and a curse, some kind of weird digital addiction, and it will not get any better when the new DLC items land i guess, since i have almost reached the 90 mark with very different CAS and almost no carbon copy of my 350-strong SC5 roster.

Darn, i even joined a club (soulcalibur nation) and got a (worthless) CAS award for my Gaïa, made me happy(coulour :) -private joke only he can understand i guess, since he invited to me to the club (i posted a few alien pics in the OC section this morning btw, just because they're scary :)


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Competitive side of things is like CAS. Just practice makes perfect. If I can practice both sides of the fence, why can't you? All it takes is an inquisitive, humble, and determined soul to get good. Just like CAS.
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For me the creative mode of sc6 was decisive for my purchase and would still be today. I love being able to give life to my creations and to see them little by little taking shape, I love giving free rein to my imagination ... I confess that I spend more time to create than to fight. In summary for me the creation mode is essential, because I could not satifique that basic characters.Je m'achlate and get tired of this creative mode, even if I take a long break, I always come back with immense pleasure. Only the series of narutos satisfied me entirely for its fidelity to this universe that I cherish and satisfies me for its fight only.


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Without Create_A_Soul, I would have never gotten into Soul Calibur and that poorly-done Mortal Kombat Armageddon would be the only fighting game that allows you to create a character.


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As a player who doesn't come on this site as often as before because of a loss of friends and the inability to make new ones. I'd like to make an interesting point here.

As much as I love CAS in Soul Calibur games nowadays along with voting (YES) to the importance of Create_A_Soul, I would have to say "no..." CAS is not important. But THAT only applies to the people who didn't develop the game in the first place. Now for those that did, well... that's pretty much why I voted (YES). Now for the players who only sticks to playing the original characters for respecting the originals, playing competitively, and also obeying tournament rules, I want to ensure you that there is nothing wrong with that and personally I think it's awesome. I watch streams and recordings of Soul Calibur tournaments ALL THE TIME. Shout out to Linkorz, Saiyne and Party_Wolf. However, there is ONE very important thing to keep in mind if you choose to only use original characters and never any CAS, or creative CAS at least because of the reasons above. It doesn't matter how good you become at using that original character, it doesn't matter what clothes you put on that original character, it doesn't matter how many tournaments you win with that original character, and it doesn't matter if you became world champion by using that original character. You can NEVER truly say that character is officially yours or that you own that character and that's because you did not create or design that character. You did not give Nightmare his name, You did not give Kilik his name. The most you're going to get from using that original character is a stamp... also the tournament prizes which usually doesn't range outside from money, trophies and gaming accessories. I'll admit, the trophies is the good part.

Now when it comes to players that DOES use CAS characters, there's a BIG difference. Depending on that you're not creating pop culture characters (in other words, iconic characters from tv shows, movies, other games, other stories, etc), You CAN truly say that you own those characters. You designed and named your characters. Of course you didn't create the tools to create those characters or the CAS feature itself but it follows the same exact principle of drawing a character on a piece of paper. You didn't create the pencil and paper either. If there's ONE thing that applies to both CAS and non-CAS players is that we all want something that we can call our own. For non-CAS tournament players, it's titles and trophies. But for CAS players (which I happen to be a member of), it's our characters and the ever-elusive possibility that one of our creative creations we upload would be good enough to maybe be made into one of the original characters. If that's not a win, I don't know what is.


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I voted 'Yes'

It's not more important than gameplay but it is an added bonus to replayability. Personally, I find it very refreshing just to see a different look for a character online, it's like
HERE COMES A NEW CHALLENGER!! even if it's only a change in color scheme. And going the extra mile of creating your own from scratch also adds a level of excitement to the game until one hit takes away all your hard work (not too fond of the armor breaking feature.)

I don't design for the regular characters much as there are restrictions that can't be overcome. I'm not just talking about skin color but more so their physique. I know changing it will result in an altered appearance of the character but there are quite a few equipment pieces that don't look the same on all characters. Some might need a little more thickness others may need to shed a bit; some may not look intimidating enough and others may lack that air of elegance. Unfortunately I can't change that with the regular roster.

I've heard about how frowned upon CAS is in tournaments and I can understand those sentiments but I also believe if you're skillful enough you should still be able to beat the character. CAS doesn't give new movesets or added abilities after all.

I've been in love with character customization ever since Virtua Fighter 4 (and to an extent, Capcom vs. SNK 2) when I was first introduced to it. Even if in future games we don't get to actually create characters at least offer a variety of outfits ala Dead of Alive or Color Schemes ala Guilty Gear. More options are always a good thing.
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I think the Create-A-Soul feature is a good thing for SoulCalibur in my opinion. Who wants to do nothing but fight people all the time online without showcasing your creative mind while you're at it? I take my job as a creator very serious, thanks to this game.

More like, I found a purpose to create stuff, thanks to this game.