Is it just me or SCVI throw break system is retarded?


[09] Warrior
As an Asta user the throws are a key factor of my game.

We all know that in SCVI Namco, for somewhat reason, totally changed the throw system.

old A+G is A+G, but can be broken with ANY button except guard. A, B or K.
old B+G is 4A+G, and can be broken with 4A, 4B, 4K.

Why? Why this change? I found this very wierd and somewhat stupid, because anybody hammering the buttons can break the A throw, so in most delicate situations the B throw will be too much predictable.

I understand that in time players will be able to break consistently with 4+button or button, but this change makes accidental - and then skilless - throw breaks much more frequent.


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If you're having accidental throw breaks, use 214A+G for free. Also a lot of people don't hold a direction at all when they guard so they don't break the 236A+G either, so I'm good with it. It's still a 50/50 mixup when they know how to break throws.


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It is pretty stupid. It was always a great, intuitive throw system.

They had to change the binding to make room for reversal edge, but I think they should've just moved RE to something else (K+G, 4G, even a new button for CE and RE).

It is what it is. :(


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Yeah it's not very intuitive, and I'm not sure if it makes throws easier or harder to break by accident.


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I think there are some positives from this. When a character has a throw that rings out with their back to the edge, it's usually their 4 break, so that makes it slightly more intuitive. I think we just need to give this new system some time.


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Besides being a pain in the ass for veterans, I am breaking throws with A and B since 1999, what is the point?
In some days we will all be able to break 4+button throws consistently. It's just pissing us off in the first days.
Surpassed that what do we have? More accidental, unskilled, unwanted throw breaks, just that.

A throw is a dangerous weapon, mostly for the attacker, it is short, you have to get close, it can be ducked, it can be GIed and yes, you can "break it" with the appropriate input.

If I manage to force in a throw I want the reward of the damage, better oki, ringout.

Why now, for no reason (please help me find one, I can't), they changed the breaking inputs? It's just plain stupid and scrub-friendly


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It's one of the many ways that many aspects of the game were simply not well thought out. They decided that B+G should be the new mechanic even though they could have used K+G which, historically has never been used. Not to mention telegraphing certain back throws occurs because of the change.

I'm sure they would advocate that they were attempting to simply for new players , and to some degree, I can understand that, but, as we've all discussed here, it severely degrades the throw game and, in turn, directly fucks with a core gameplay facets of a character.

I keep wanting to believe that Astaroth wasn't an afterthought for the team that dev'd this but every day that feeling dies a little.

I would've been 100% ok with them to have made him DLC if only he could've been designed better.


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I still think it allows for less accidental throw breaks, especially at high level. Most players hold G and won't hit a direction unless they're specifically trying to throw break, and then it's still the same 50/50 as it always was.

At low level if they're mashing directions plus buttons you should probably just be 6B'ing their shit in anyways instead of trying to throw.


[01] Neophyte
The advantage is that now throws that send you backward vs. forward have standardized escapes, so people can intelligently choose which one to try to break without needing to know the throw inputs for every character. I think it's a good change overall.

If you're worried about noobs breaking all your grabs, do what I do and just always use back throw until they figure it out. If anything it's made it easier to use grabs to punish new players.


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I'm glad somebody else thinks this. There was no reason to change the grab system in my opinion. I thought A+K could have been Reversal Edge. Shoot maybe even 4G. I have nothing to add to this conversation other than I had to voice that I agree. Weird unnecessary change.


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I think the window to break a throw should be smaller, and every throw should just be broken with a button. There is almost no reason to not go for 4AB throws because actually have to hold a specific direction to break makes it much better. When I fight astaroths or anyone who throws outside a punish I feel like i have an eternity to break his command grabs, and this will be even worse if the reduce the high input lag. you don't even have to be mashing, you can react mash, plus GI breaking throws is dumb. Throws are still good, the do great damage, give setups and can punish but they don't really work as a fundamental way to mixup pressure like most fighting games.


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GIs deflect throws AND are su dumb!
I saw many many times somebody throwing a random GI, whiffed, and still deflect my attack. The active window seems eternal, like at least 10-14 frames.
I hope they will fix this crap, so skill-less


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This is an old thread but I have to agree that the new break system kinda sucks. Breaking throws with A or B has been in my muscle memory for over a decade. I still do it out of habit. Not only that, but I occasionally hit B+G trying to throw and then just RE LOL.

On another note RE is dumb. It can be used as a cheap round finisher without even the RPS, just the initial strike.