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Regarding your combo listings

I believe BB and BB hold are not natural combos, but instead natural counter combos

I think the same goes for A strings


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Best Damage combos
Here are some best damage combos that i haven't seen on the combo thread, it would be good if these would be added to it.

CH A,(A) or A,(A) (pull any direction to enter SR) has a unlisted Attack throw if the 1st A misses and 2nd A hits by itself on CH (58 damage), don't know whether this should be added to a natural CH combo or not, but it could be worth putting it in the notes section of the wiki for the move

FC1B,6b8/8B+K damage is not on the combo thread, the damage is 87
FC 3(A+B)/3(A+B)/44(B+K), 6b8/8B+K combos damage is not listed, the damage is 118 for FC 3(A+B) delay before release, 140 for the fully held down version(using 44B+K after gives the best damage at 149 (can miss at tip range))
89 dmg for 3(A+B) delay before release, 113 for the fully held down version(using 44B+K after gives the best damage at 120)
114 for 44(B+K) slight delay before release, 138 for the fully held down version(using 44B+K after gives the best damage at 145 (will miss at tip range))

33_99A,1_2_3B+K(79) stronger than 1A+B and can be used further away where as on tip 1A+B can miss
44_33_99B,1_2_3B+K(70) more damage than 1A+B in the combo
ST BBB,1A(69)
can be teched out of if you are too far away from the opponent, id say it stops working after mid range
SE B,1A -if you are at close range only
SE 66K, SE 4B+K(63)
SE 66K, SE B(69) (can only be escaped by rolling on the ground)

CH 4A- 1B+K is listed however 2B+K can also work depending how far back 4A hits
CH 1(K) 22B,6b8/8B+K(86)
or do 1B+K after for 65 dmg which is the best damage combo if you cant launch them with 22B quick enough, especially useful to use instead when online as 22B often doesn't hit in time to launch the enemy
CH 3B, 6b8/8B+K(77)
CH 1A+B,1_2B+K (81)
CH 8B,1_2B+K(will miss if at closest range)
1A+B misses on the tip of 8B but 1 or 2B+K can be used instead but only for CH 8B giving better damage than 1A+B at 67
WP CH A+B, SE B+K(63) -will hit at tip range only or use SE 4B+K for 59 damage if you are closer in
SR CH K, SR BB(64)
ST CH K(can be shaken), ST A+B(70)
or ST BBB gives 60 dmg so id imagine ST B,6B,4B,6B,4B would do more than ST A+B but i suck at doing it to test it lol
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I've just read the combo topix:

- There is a missing stance in the "Ivy Terminology/Abbreviations" section : SE = Serpent's Embrace

- "SL (A+B) or FC 3(A+B) or 44(B+K)" the direction "3" is missing before A+B -> "SL 3(A+B) or FC 3(A+B) or 44(B+K)"

- I remember there was a discussion about but 22_88B BBB and 5 hit isn't a combo. I think you can roll and guard or GI after the second hit on the gound.

- "1(K) ---> 44B+K (74 damage)". There is 2 timing ; 44B+K and 44:[B+K] (release B+K on hit). This give you 1 or 2 more dmg pts ( yes I know this is little)

- B, 6B isn't natural combo but CH B, 6B,K (59) yes

- 6B8_8B+K, K (48) / SE 6A,A (54) / SE B (56) / SE 6B / ST B :B :B (56) / ST B:6B:4B:6B:4B (72) / SE 6B+K (81) are natural combos.

- 4 A+B:B is natural combo but at close range and special timing (hit second B on the second hit) -> 80dmg

- Normal hit combo : 1_2_3 B+K, 1_2_3B+K (79dmg)

@ kerrod123

- 33_99A,1_2_3B+K(79) -> Are you sure? I have only 67 dmg

- CH 3[K] , 1B+K do 71dmg (65 when it's neutral hit)

- ST CH K ; nothing is guaranteed after, we can recover the stun. Anyway ST CH K, ST B:6B:4B:6B:4B -> 72 dmg

- I think this isn't guaranteed, you can guard on second hit :
SE 66K, SE 4B+K(63)

Note : the training mode's auto guard is not reliable. You have to test with another controller to check combo (a friend or a good foot skill is required Kappa ).
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thanks for your help i think you could be right about my damages been a bit out for the combos i listed, i checked things quite a lot but i had to test a lot of things with my friend all in one day so i could have made a mistake,but im sure the ones ive listed are all guaranteed aswell as ones i put in my stance combo thread. I know the Sc2s training system isn't reliable so i got a friend to test everything for me,these combos always work against the CPU when I fight them normally too so im sure there guaranteed, its just a case of strict timing for some moves or perhaps some combos may not work properly against some characters :(
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