[Jan 31, 2012] SCV Launch Party + Side Tourney by IE Battlegrounds (Walnut, CA)


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Celebrate the launch of Soul Calibur V with a launch party brought to you by IE Battlegrounds!

There will be a $3.00 tournament and free casuals. The rules will be based upon this ruleset and will be announced before the entry fees are collected: http://8wayrun.com/wiki/tournament-ruleset/

We plan on having at least 4 stations, a mix of 360 and PS3. Note the tournament will be on PS3!


Super Arcade
1211 N Grand Ave
Walnut, CA 91789

Tuesday January 31st, from 7:00PM to Midnight
you can sign up for the tournament from 7Pm to 8PM) tournament will start at 8PM

LIVE STREAM (starts around 8PM):

Bring Your Own Controller! Remember if you want to play casuals there will be 360 and PS3 stations!


1. Respect the venue

2. Read rule #1

3. Play hard

4. Level up your game

5. Trash talking is permited (Its part of the culture just keep it in check and dont get out of hand with it)

6. Smokers if your going to smoke outside.

7. Alcohol is not allowed inside the venue.

8. Maintain personal hygiene

Feel free to post up if you guys have any questions.

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
I saw claremont and got all giddy hoping you just miss-spelled it. But alas no....its in LA not SD. Damn you Binkley. I thought you were from san diego!!



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I saw claremont and got all giddy hoping you just miss-spelled it. But alas no....its in LA not SD. Damn you Binkley. I thought you were from san diego!!

Haha sorry I am from LA/IE area. (Don't worry I've made that mistake before thinking events are local to me when they are really in SD!)


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Please note the time (7pm) and venue change (Super Arcade!) Thanks to Watson for hosting us for this event!


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Still 360s or will there be PS3s at the new location?

The post has been updated, we will have PS3 stations. Also the tournament will be on PS3. We should have at least 3 PS3 systems for the tournament to ensure it runs smoothly.

Also if you have a copy of SCV on 360 or PS3 please bring it, as it may help us setup additional systems if circumstances permit. Thanks!


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Wow....parents said I could skip school for this but they say I can only go if we don't purchase SCV so we have money. Blah! I'd rather have SCV.


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DAMMIT, why did I choose to have a night class on Tuesday? This is rather close to me.....=<

EDIT: I'm gonna try and pull some strings so I can go. I really would love to go, honest.


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it starts at 7pm, can't you make it after school
no I can't due to living in Oxnard. I can't go 100% because my parents keep making the weirdest excuses after I said i would exchange the money for purchasing SCV for going to the event. What I find hilarious and sad at the same time is that the money they were using to purchase SCV was the money they owed me and they agreed to take me if I finish Tuesday's homework and I finished it ...

Unfortunately I live 1 hour and 50 minutes from walnut but what funny is my parents have the impression that it is 3 hours away and another 3 hours to walnut even though I showed them the Google map directions to it. It was an hour and 50 minutes away.

However, I get out of school at 3pm. If i headed straight to walnut after about 90 minutes. I would arrive near 6:30pm but the tournament starts at 8pm and the event starts at 7pm. 1 hour is enough time to practice. I was assuming that the tournament will end
at near 10:30pm but of course it didn't. My dad had work on wednesday at 10am so we didn't want to get home at 1am ish.

So it really wasnt worth it but either way I still would gotten SCV because my parents said they would once they had the money. However I havent been to a tourney with skilled players nor have I been to something fun like this. I guess I'm going to have to deal with
the online BS still in order to play people and those people will still think I'm a scrub at this game based on online play

Oh what fun!


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Parents suck, optymuss. That's why you have to move out. Like me, I'm 24 and I still live with my parents. Hah!

Anyway, I will be attending. If anyone wants to get some casuals in before that, my house is available, check the other socal thread down in matchmaking.