Kilik Patch Notes


[08] Mercenary
Patch 1.10

3B: It can now be punished with impact 12 moves.

You can also now practice the Lethal Hit 3B in training. This just confirmed to me that this Lethal Hit is hard to maximize. You can do a 44K!B for higher damage. This is flashy and cool but kind of hard to land online, and if you miss the just frame you're not getting much damage.

4A: The patch notes say this move became more unsafe but I didn't see it. I can still punish with impact 12 moves but not impact 14. Maybe -13? Not sure how many chars even have moves at that speed.

Soul Charge 66B does 10 more damage on the attack throw. This also increases the combo damage of <SC> 6A.B CH ~ 66B and <SC> BT K ~ 66B along with others.

The tracking on 44A+B has changed. You used to be able to tech trap with this move after using Kilik's CE to stun the opponent on the ground. The same tech trap now completely whiffs.

Finally, the patch said that some voices and animations were changed, but Kilik still says "Perish!....Evil will." when you use his 44A+B. Don't think that's how it's supposed to go.

Patch 1.11

A.A: This move is now -4 on block on the second hit, and more importantly, +2 on hit for the second hit.

B.B.B: The window to interrupt the Guard Break is now 13f. Also, you can no longer step the Guard Break to the left.

6B.B: The second part of this move is now -8 if you delay the 2nd attack, -12 if you don't delay.

Will continue to edit when I find / lab the rest of the new frame data.
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