Kratos General Discussion

Nice job Suirad. Those number don't look pretty though :(. WS BB is -90? Lmao. Free unblockables.
I have been out bush since SCBD hit, and have been tinkering away with Kratos as well. Excellent work on the frame data, I'd been compiling my own, and 90% of it I agree on (although what I did wasn't as all encompassing, I'd only done most of block and initiation frames.)

Some things I found different
I think 3A is i21. P1 A+B guarded by P2 followed by K by P1 will double hit with 3A by P2, which should make it 21.
I think 1K and A+B are i22. Both will double hit with 2A after guarding A+B.
Does it go into a stance or something? Ain't NEVER seen a move be -90 on block, that's crazy.

He turns around and does a move in the other direction that's similar to Ivy's air grab, so the second hit completely whiffs if the opponent blocks the first. Normally WR BB would launch the opponent behind him so the second attack would connect.