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  • Greetings, Freaky. The Mage wonders what it is like to be a moderator; as I use Zasalamel and has longed to be his moderator. But you have beat me to it. What is it like to be one? The Mage wishes to be one someday.
    i just wanted to say that i find your signature very funny. even though its a serious issue with zas. it should at least be incorporated to his B+K. and once it hits, it would either be some fancy attack throw or a stun.
    i'd like to fight you sometime! i heard you had number 1 zasamel so i'd like to see that for myself!
    Sorry for the mixup... I saw Bifordus's videos with you in them and it reminded me how I fought a superb Zas (a different Zas user offline though) during the first several months of SCIV's release. I wish I could play online but two things keep me from that level/dimension: no Ethernet connection (I'm too cheap now) and my allergies to lag, no matter how grand or minor it is.
    yeah, we have played before. but i thought about you because my boy Worlfkrone mentioned you the other day and i haven't played you in a while.
    Yeah right. I see the beastliness under your eyes. Oh no! You're warble's secret apprentice! Fuuuuuu
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