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I'm gonna resist the urge to submit one of my many villain CAS and instead enter this heroine I just made. Her superpower allows anything that her blade touches to be turned into glass. Hope you enjoy!


Like glass under pressure, her hopes are doomed to shatter.





I have an idea for a superhero story, and funnily enough, it's a "tale of two swords" - one represents the past and the other represents the future. The main character possesses the sword of the past which allows him to cut enemies from any distance, but every time he uses this power he loses one of his memories. The deeper the cut he makes, the more significant the memory.
Rhea, on the other hand, wields the sword of the future which can turn anything it touches into glass. With her first strike, she turns her foe into a beautiful glass statue, and with the second blow, they shatter. However, this elegant yet deadly power comes with a similar price; each time it is used, she loses a hope or ambition. As she fights more and more, she begins to lose track of the reasons for which she is fighting.

The main character falls in love with a woman early on in the story, but due to his memory-destroying power, he forgets she even existed. Then Rhea is introduced later on in the story, at which point she falls in love with him. However, he feels conflicted because as much as he wants to believe that he loves her too, he cannot shake the feeling that there's someone else. Someone he loved in the past and someone who should be in his future.
Yeah, this is one messed up love triangle!
-In order to make her resemble some sort of glass sculpture, I've spammed the hell out of Modern Patterns 14 and 15 (I think they're the numbers). In game, they give her outfit a pretty stunning sparkling quality.
-The Pareo is made up of Modern 15, two large snowflake stickers, and a fire sticker for a hint of bluey-purple (not sure if the images show it that well)
-Her body art is coloured slightly lighter than her skin tone for a glowing effect, it seemed to fit with the shiny shiny outfit.
-I tried to make the bow look like part of her arm armour (as in the armour on her left arm, I didn't just spontaneously develop a stutter). You can see that in the second to last picture.

I'll upload other supervillains from this imaginary series to my gallery if I ever as soon as I come up with a design for the main character, just in case anyone was actually interested. Sorry if I rambled! :P


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@holycarp That is a beautiful concept! The profundity of the story reminded me of someting like "Sandman" or "Constantine" (the comic, not the movie). Graphic novel level story potential. You're CAS is beautiful too (although secondary to your story. No offense meant, but your story is enthralling and has such a narrative)


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@holycarp That is a beautiful concept! The profundity of the story reminded me of someting like "Sandman" or "Constantine" (the comic, not the movie). Graphic novel level story potential. You're CAS is beautiful too (although secondary to your story. No offense meant, but your story is enthralling and has such a narrative)
HAVE ALL MY VOTES! ...Yeah, flattery is my weakness...

But seriously, thanks a lot, I'm really glad you liked it that much! If I had the artistic skill or patience, I'd have a crack at making it some sort of graphic novel, but unfortunately I have neither! :P
Though I do love the moral dilemma of how the hero would have to choose between saving lives and preserving the memories that define him. I really hope the concept is as original as I think it is, since I can't think that it's been done before (no doubt it probably has), especially the whole messed up love triangle thing xD


[13] Hero

She was a Heather once, and, Heather was a normal girl.

Her time was filled with giggles, and crushes, and daydreams. There was the normal daily heartbreak of teenage life. There were ups and downs and general insecurities ...
can I...
will I ever...
do they think....
does HE....
...This is hopeless!
Heather combatted her concerns with glowing hopeful anticipation of the future, based on her belief in the happily ever after ending... She also relied heavily on her closest friend Jerrica.
Jerrica was a loving shoulder to cry on .... and the "Smart one" in their duo. With her friendship Heather had made it through countless emotional pit falls and most algebra tests.
Then there was Josh.
Josh was, and had been for a while now, her biggest preoccupation. He was out of her league and beautiful.... She spent hours lost in day dream...all different scenarios that made the impossible possible. She wanted to be on his arm at prom.

One night,in her room, there was an accident and everything changed.

Heather didn't know if it was the nail polish remover she accidentally spilled on her science project. Or the strange green oozy meatball that crashed through the window... maybe that crAzy light coming from the closet after the fire .....
...but her life would not be the same.
In her head there was an explosion of thought- a massive wave of both confidence and wisdom.... Everything was clear. Brain Bitch ...very reasonably would rarely use a word like Everything... but from the outside to people like you or me ... or even her smart friend Jerrica there was Nothing beyond Brain Bitch's comprehension. She was forever altered.

Then there is Josh.
Josh is still her biggest preoccupation. When she passed him in the hall in her new form she could hear him say "That Brain Bitch is kind of gross"
Her loyal but simple friend Jerrica was there for her... but something snapped, something far too dark and deep and hurtful to ever be consoled ... and the happily ever after ending .. ....Brain Bitch is too smart for that. She will have to take control, and seize the ending she desires.
He is beneath her, but beautiful.... She spends hours of her day lost in plot.... all different scenarios that will make the unlikely a reality. He will be on her arm at prom.

Her time is filled with plans, schemes and building of the gizmos she will need to trap her prey.
Brain bitch knows what happened to her that night... but she wouldn't bother explaining it to someone like you. You wouldn't understand it anyway.

She is Brain Bitch now and she is far from normal.


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seriously thought, Brain Bitch is epic. To think I actually thought I stood a chance this time... Bravo!
LoL I wouldn't worry, ...I for one totally love yours ... I think there are many who feel the same .... it will be a tough vote in about every direction though.
I like that the voting has been delayed actually. It has given people a lot of time ... and I think there are some well thought out characters because of it.


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That's quite awesome creation, pal. Personally I think such a gorgeous character needs a more apropiate name though.


[13] Hero
That's quite awesome creation, pal. Personally I think such a gorgeous character needs a more apropiate name though.
The name is a bit flippant ... :)
I thought of giving her a brain pun name with a sinister twist like
Axona or Gangliana ... ( Abi something ...)
but I just kept thinking of her and calling her Brain Bitch. It just stuck....
she is awesome, the tech thing in her hands is just amazing
Thanks! I am not sure I know what it is myself, but I was trying for the look of the electrical lab equipment in the back of the Universal Frankenstien movies. I wanted to make it look as if the piece of equipment on her arm was emitting the orb somehow.


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The Rook


Alias: Dawn Leeson
Superpower: She's loaded
Attributes: Incredibly agile and nimble. Quick witted and highly intelligent. Skilled sword fighter. Short temper.





She does have a back story. I’ll warn you now it might be a bit lengthy so if you don’t fancy it, I understand. It's probably the literary equivalent of Swiss cheese in terms of holes but it gives a rough outline of what she's about.​

Back Story:


Dawn Leeson grew up with a privileged lifestyle. She went to the best schools and found that she had quite the aptitude for gymnastics from an early age. She would put her natural agility to good use and soon found herself excelling in the fields of fencing and dance. Dawn's remarkable physical gifts would be complimented by an incredibly resourceful, quick witted mind allowing her to adapt to her environment and improvise according the situation.

Despite these attributes, however, she was constantly at odds with her father. He was a weapons developer for the military and his lucrative enterprises allowed the pair of them to live the opulent lifestyle. Dawn understood that the presence of weapons in the world was a reality and wasn't going to change over night, however as a child growing up she was always told by her father that it was better in the long run for people like him to be in control of the guns in order to keep them away from the bad guys. This would turn out to be lie as Dawn discovered records of arms deals made to terrorist groups with her father's name. She was livid and confronted her father, stating that she would go to the authorities. Mr Leeson warned her not to and that she should remain quiet for the sake of her deceased mother’s memory. Dawn left without saying a word but was pulled up by the police and arrested on the spot.​

She spent 2 years in prison without so much as a word from her friends or family. She would manipulate the other inmates and guards in order to make her life easier and due to her jet black her she would earn the nickname “Rook”. Her actions would also lead to physical confrontations which taught her -sometimes painfully- how to use her agility and quickness to gain advantages in a fight. A prison break attempt caused enough chaos for her to slip past the guards and try to find any form of communication with the outside world. What she found was a newspaper stating that a multimillionaire business tycoon had died in a plane crash- her father. Distraught, she was suddenly struck from behind and knocked unconscious.​

Dawn awoke in her old home. She was confused both by her location and the fact that her assailant hadn’t bound her in any way. As she shook the cobwebs loose, her eyes fell on a man dressed as what looked like a dog. She rubbed her eyes in disbelief before dismissing the vision as a figment of her imagination. She even dismissed the voice which told her that he was sent by Mr Leeson as part of a fail safe plan should anything happen to him. It was only when the man proceeded to name Dawn’s mother and list personal details that she reacted. Violently. She flew at the man, incensed by what she was hearing. However still being groggy, she was easily restrained. The man explained how Dawn’s father was being pressured and intimidated into supplying the terrorists and that her arrest and jail time was to keep her quiet as well as giving leverage to those who were pulling her father’s strings. He would go on to explain how the terrorists were eventually unearthed and were desperately trying to cover their tracks, which prompted her father to approach him and pay for his services in order to keep Dawn safe. Mr Leeson added a further stipulation, namely that should anything happen to him, Dawn was to be named the owner of his company.​

Dawn was shocked beyond words. She fell to the ground as waves of conflicting emotion rolled over her. The strange man knelt beside her and explained that his obligation had one more step: to train her to defend herself. Dawn looked him dead in the eye and said that that wasn’t enough. She stated that she didn’t want to just defend herself- she wanted to be able to defend others as well, and that no family should be torn apart for any reason.​

A year has passed and Dawn, now using the name “The Rook”, strides over rooftops and glides over streets, hunting whatever remains of the terrorists and protecting the people from evil.


The very abridged version: A young woman escapes from prison and fights for justice following her father being murdered as part of a terrorist plot.​

I can’t be held responsible for cringing or bleeding eyes.​


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Ah, honey honey.
You're my candy girl.
All submissions by the 18th August please. (Though presumably everypeep has posted theirs by now.)