[Mar 22, 2014] Just Frame Tier (JFT) (PSN)

With the revival of the Soulcalibur community online as well as offline, and the great results Thunder Dome (by Party Wolf) has been bringing, this tournament is aimed to keep the hype and interest flowing in both competitors and audience.

Just Frame Tier is an invitational tournament for ONLY the top players of the community, for a chance to win $100. This is an online tournament that will be carried out on PSN, and for best scheduling purposes it will be ran during the weekends, starting with the weekend after Final Round (March 22). Depending on the availability of the players, the amount of matches ran each weekend will be determined.

Tournament format:

-First to 10
-If DCs (Disconnects) happen, players have to redo the rounds and stage
-Only competitors, streamer, and commentators are allowed in the session
-The players competing can request the commentators for the time of their match. Otherwise, the commentators will be chosen at random or availability

The following is the list of participants confirmed for the tournament:

Updated brackets:

You can also view the brackets here http://challonge.com/JFT

Available streams:

Tournament has already started and will be carried out through the weekends until the very end. Make sure to check this page weekly for announcements, changes, and updates.

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>Online Tournament
Hey, those are always pretty coo-
Oh no. Ohhhh no. You poor souls. D:
With the end of Final Round, it's time to keep the hype and interest flowing within the SC community. As promised, it's time to announce some of the scheduled matches thus far. The brackets will go as followed:

Ramon vs Sandman - 12PM EST - 9AM PST
Something-Unique vs Reptile - 2PM EST - 11AM PST
Hawkeye vs Party Wolf - 4PM EST - 1PM PST
kAb vs Blueboy - 9PM EST - 6PM PST
Xeph vs Signia - 1:30AM EST - 10:30PM PST

Lolo vs LP, KineticClash vs OmegaDR, and IRM vs RTD will be postponed until next weekend.

Don't forget to tune in at either
(whichever one is running) at the time of the match.

Let the games begin!


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Schedules for this coming weekend thus far:

Something-Unique vs Party Wolf 9AM PST - 12PM EST
Lolo vs LostProvidence 7:30PM PST - 10:30PM EST

KineticClash vs OmegaDR 3PM PST - 6PM EST
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Lolo vs Sandman 8PM PST - 11PM EST
KineticClash vs kAb 9PM PST - 12AM EST (yes, midnight)

OmegaDR vs Blueboy 3PM PST - 6PM EST
Xephukai vs IRM 8PM PST - 11PM EST
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JFT is almost over! I haven't been posting schedules here, but that's only because it's been hard to actually keep them since most players always have stuff going on. But, here's a quick update:

After a long time of carrying this tournament and many fails with scheduling people's matches (totally life's fault) we have reached the end of this tournament with the Grand Finals.

This Thursday 28th at 7PM PST - 10PM EST, SCTSF | Blueboy vs OmegaDR, JFT Grand Finals will take place. The battle of SCV's greatest players to end it all! Be sure to tune in!
Congratulations to Blueboy for winning JFT! although PSN didn't allow it to be the grand finals we all hoped for, it was a great tournament.

Thanks to everyone for participating and for those of you who did special commentary.