[MATCH-UP] Talim


[09] Warrior
I could certainly use some assistance here. She has to be close and pesky, I need to be far and meticulous. She can eat me up if she gets too close.


[09] Warrior
Sieg has limited option upclose. maybe , b6 and 6K is your best bet. Sometimes I forced to do RE and 6A+B to keep em away :/


[09] Warrior
3k is good. I’ve found a lot of the talims I’ve faced use a lot of duckable a’s. Ducking and the crouch throw did some work for me.


[05] Battler
I got bored again, and while I planned to do Sophie first, for whatever reason I jumped onto Siegfried. So, for all of your Sieg players out there who are having trouble with dealing with Talim's negative stance switch buttons (not the positive ones like 66A+B), here is a guide to show you the options (I found) and how they interact with her various stances...

I didn't feel like editing stuff too much (I also am very new to it), but in general, every new button of Sieg's is tested (in order) against: Block, WNS, WNF, WNC. I use the fastest options for each unless I feel there is a interaction to be had. I don't know too much about Sieg, so I likely overlooked some important buttons to use against some of the harder buttons to figure out. Overall, at least against the buttons you outright NEED to be punishing every time against Talim like 6BB, FC3BB, WNS-A, Sieg is actually really well equipped to deal with it.

I will likely make another universal guide to dealing with Talim's stances when she is positive on switch at some point. If people find this sort of thing useful, I could see doing more videos of this sort, even if they are time consuming. I do learn a lot myself at least, as it requires me to lab out a new character's moveset and how it interacts with Talim's.