[MATCH-UP] Viola


[09] Warrior
I have a feeling knowledge of this character will help in the near future

Viola's Moves/ Sieg's Punish

8A+B (shoryuken into ball throw)- deceptively safe on block but the second hit can be so easily side stepped and not to mention if you do side step, its a 1B for you.

6 A+B- if she has the orb its a 3B, if she does not have the orb, this move becomes a jailing 2 hit high that is safe even if you JG the second hit. Can be easily side stepped but if she doesnt have the ball be very quick to whiff punish as she can block rather quickly after throwing it out. 3B once she whiffs.

4B (Gut punch)- Safe but easily steppable in any direction

Without ball 2 [A+B] (ball tracks to your location, does a spin in the air then drops with a GB) - DO NOT BLOCK THIS AT CLOSE RANGE! This move at mid/to long range guarantees a ball drop if blocked and at close range guarantees her a 3B. SS and punish accordingly

3B-with ball the push back is too far for sieg to punish, without sieg could get a K if close enough

without ball 1 B+K (calls the ball back and it attacks your feet)- dont let this trick you, it hits mid. dont give her a mix up by blocking it low and let her go for a mid to mess with you. I advise step once you see her motion for but only at a distance since I`ve seen a few viola's call for it then run up and AA to catch you step.

without ball BBB (2 Bs then calls the ball to form behind you and attack high) ok I cant stress this enough, duck that 3rd hit and retaliate. I usually like to go for WS B since it beats most of her options including the call back into CE but she can 2A in which case WS K will beat her out. dont let her get you into her mix up. same for AAB.

Without ball 6 B+K (calls for the ball and after a short delay the ball goes in a counter clockwise motion, smacking you in the back)- I reaaaaalllly hate this move. For one, even though it can be blocked low, itll stand you right up giving her a throw mix up attempt. 2 if you get hit with it you are most likely getting put in the air. and 3, at close range even though you try to step the ball, viola herself can catch you and if you get hit with both....well...you know. At close range I try to look for this dumb move and bait for a 4B or 1K. If she is hit the ball will stop, if she blocks the ball keeps going and most likely punish you.

1A+B (jumping low)- WS B, careful, it catches step.

66AAB (high, high, to flip)- all 3 hits are high, duck and punish or if you want you can SS and get 88_22 BB

if her back is to the edge, most viola's will attempt her ring out throw, this is an A throw

If your back is to the edge, most viola's will attempt her other ring out throw, This of course is a B throw

1K- WS B

11K (knee slide)- WS K

33 K (she leaps to you, arms flailed out and everything)- K

IMO- you need to be stepping this bitch and at the same time be weary of her little traps. Pay attention what the viola player likes to use. If the player is primarily focused on catching you step, time to change your strat, maybe work in a B+K but do not let her get on the offensive.