Maxi Players Online ID's


[09] Warrior
Post your ID for playing SCV online. Also post where are you from.

I'm from Mexico, with a decent connection. SCV seems to have a fairly good online game.

Only PS3. My ID is Fhwoarang and I only play Maxi.

What's your ID?

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
PSN: HotRodDave619
Location: San Diego, california.

I also only play Maxi. I havent even touched anyone else.


Chikara Sashimi
I think they're all in my profile, but:

XBL: MarredJin
PSN: Neo-Marg

Mainly play Maxi. I'm located in CO so I tend to get decentish connections with both coasts. (Florida tends to be iffy though save for Enk.)

Working on Pat. (Generally use him to avoid Maxi mirror matches. Heh.)

Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
PSN: vincentrayne
Location: Palmdale, CA
Main: all female characters and NM. top 3 are Leixia, Tira, Viola/Pyrrha Omega.
we gotta meet up sometime. didn't know a fellow 8wayrunner was anywhere nearby.
This was meant to be Maxi players online ID's. That way we can keep track of each other and exchange tips.

I changed the title as to not confuse anymore people


[09] Warrior
Looks like I'll be adding a bunch of people tomorrow......
XBL: DancingNunchkus
Location: Los Angeles, CA


Dat Hillbilly
Tags to the left... For now Maxi and Yoshi... though Pat is on his way...

From Tennessee... Will probably be on XBL more than PS3 as I like the comradre better there but on the weekends I usually hit PS3 up for the more high level competetion