Maxi Trailer : It is not enough


[09] Warrior
New 1A B into BL.. [1A is spMid]
New Ro A A...
into BL K k....

BL B is new [SC4 Ro B].. :)
Super should have ended in Flaming Dragon SC2 6A+B

Those pings on stance rotation need to go who do they Help??? audio pings

Didnt See PsL movement..
*PsL 3 is Mandatory.
Without PsL Movement he is the same old Noob-friendly Maxi
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Hot Rod Dave

"Saucy saucy minx"
Life makes sense again.

New stance changes. Old 44a~bl a looks sick.

He looks very “SC4” at some moments which is concerning.

However those days are long gone and im sure namco did just fine.

Eagerly awaiting more footage


[09] Warrior
First thing the PINGS on Maxi Stance rotations NEED TO GO.
- The Game now looks like a polished SC3.. its the same camera.
- The UI looks SC3 ugly.
- A,A ~ "RC B" is now "SC5 66B crush" into Li
- Li K is now [Ro K, K or K, A]
- Ro K is now SC3 Star Gale. Flying Kick
- SC3/4 Dragon Backfist 6B,B into Ro.. :sc2maxi1:
- WL K ...Mid. - WL A ..Low.
- SC5 3A is now WR A "Water Cutter" into BL. [Needs PsL 3:sc2maxi1:]
- "Backfist Ceremony." - "Tiger Slaughter." - "236 K." - 33/99 B "Mark of The Beast."
- SC2/4 3A [Lotus] into BL.. [Needs PsL 3:sc2maxi1:]
- SC5 44B
- SC2/4 236 B
- SC5 WR B+K & cancels into RO.:sc2maxi1:
- All RC A loops into BL. :sc2maxi1:
- Li B is now [SC5 Li A]
- Li A ~ RC A, A ~ Li A [infinite loop] [RC A, B old] [RC A, A new]

- Weavering Lights Gi is back.
[A is SC4 Low] [B is SC5 BL B B] [K is SC3&4 Guillotine Kick]
- Im expecting you can still Weavering Lights into [B+K] Fury. You Can Wavering Lights Gi into Super...LMAO

- 4A+B is launcher still there
- A+B is now charge-able. Doesn't crush. Second hit is hold/chargeable
- 44K Low is in. - 88 A is in. - 4A+B is in. - 66B+K is in.
- LO A is the same
- LO K is now sC5 LI K
- RC K is now 33/99 K
- All SC2/3/4 Illusion Kicks are in. including [new Ak variation]
- SC2/4 Return of Fear 33B into BL & 33Ba into RC.

- SC2/3/4 Snake Scythe 1A & Scythe Fang. WR 1A, B. L,H
- SC2 Serpent's Bind is back
- Its a SC4/2 Maxi Toolkit With SC5 Power-Polish
- SC3/4 Lotus 3A
- SC2/3 3B+K
- Zasa is SC4

Maxi's Super should end in SC2 6A+B
Maxi should have SC3 Kiliks Taunt

This is SC4 Maxi with NEW RC B and SC5 PowerPolish. Im expecting *PsL 3 is Mandatory

Still waiting to see:
PsL LO>RO 8 way-walk.
SC2: B2
*PsL 3 is Mandatory
236 A "Dandy's Surprise
Standing BB [venom wings] I hope they change it ??
3B lift... ??
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