Mi-Na Spacing Tools


[08] Mercenary
Hi there,

I find myself playing Mi-Na a lot recently (I'm not entirely new to her, she was my main in SCIII). Of course, she is a somewhat problematic character to play effectively, but I really feel I can learn to use her to the fullest potential (admittedly, it's not that high in the first place, but who cares?). Moreover, I like challenging characters :) My playstyle with X (actually, I see a lot of similarities between her and Mi-Na in terms of constant spacing/re-positioning) and Sophie (SC turtling/punishing queen) is usually based on spacing-defense-counterattack patterns, I'm not a pitbull player by any means - and that suits Mi-Na just fine. I'm also eager to admit I'm an extremely clumsy gamepad player and, well, too old to get used to arcade stick, so her lack of 'difficult' (execution-wise) moves and JF's is, in truth, a relief :)

Anyway, in fact, she is an extremely safe character when used with due caution and patience. By claiming she's safe, I do not refer to her frame data (obviously...), but rather to her superb spacing tools. From my limited experience with her in SCIV, I've made a shortlist of her viable spacing moves:

6AK, iFC/FC1B - currently, I'm inclined to believe these are top 2 moves in Mi-Na's arsenal as a whole; mandatory for successful spacing, too.
1BB, 4A, 4B - no comments required here.
4B+K - somewhat linear + weird hitbox + unreliable aGI, but still, has its uses.
B+K, 9B+K - situational: when I get cornered, I use it to escape; it goes without saying, I use in other situations for non-spacing purposes.
11A - strictly speaking, it's not a spacing move, but its being non-advancing (in fact, slightly backstepping) reasonably reliable low has earned it a place in this list.

Any omissions? Any other moves with a good pushback on block and/or backstep?


[09] Warrior
A+B is safe and has decent pushback on block (it's high though), 4A+K has great pushback on block if they don't know to GI/jump it and is also safe. 1K gives some nice space as well, and you can always use her backwards jumping moves (7A/B/K). I'd say more but I need to go.


[08] Mercenary
Actually, I do use A+B and 1K quite a lot. Both are surprisingly effective. For some reason, I think I've never tried 7A/B/K. It's a rather obvious solution to some spacing problems when I think of it :) And I'll give 4A+K a closer look. Frankly speaking, I did not realize it has any potential. Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Update: 4A+K is amazing! Now my Mi-Na is totally invincible! Well, sorta... You know ;)