Midland Warfare Schedule & Stream info

Midland Warfare (hosted by mkl) will be starting this weekend in Lincoln, NE at the Holiday Inn Lincoln Airport. The event will exclusively be a Soulcalibur tournament on Saturday, October 12th, along with other fighting games on the 13th.

Expect to see great players from and outside of Nebraska fighting for first place and that lovely $300 SCV pot bonus thanks to mkl. The stream will be provided by IRM on his twitch channel, so be sure to watch!


Full Schedule for Midland Warfare (CDT)
Saturday October 12th:
12pm Casuals and Check-Ins
3pm Soulcalibur II Singles Tournament
3pm Soulcalibur V Singles Tournament
6pm Soulcalibur II Top 8
7pm Soulcalibur V Top 8
(Upon Completion of Pools): Soulcalibur V 3v3 Team Tournament

Sunday October 13th:
12pm Casuals and Check-Ins
2pm KOFXIII begins
2pm Street Fighter AE 2012 begins
4pm Tekken Tag Tournament 2 begins
4pm Injustice Gods Among Us begins

Good luck to all of the players in attendance!
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Michael Stabile


IRM, it's awesome that you're running this. I'll be going to Alpha Attack this weekend because it's local... but man, I couldn't even get them to run a SCV side tourney. Props to you, and hope it goes well. :)
No stream because of stream lag. It will be recorded and will be uploaded to Youtube like what Madcatz did for EVO 2013 SCV Top 8.
JimmyPikachu went? Fenris lost to Jimmy and MKL, right? Or am I reading this incorrectly?
Awesome stream 10/10. Great matches all around. I look forward to tuning in to watch some more matches in the future!