Mitsurugi Video Thread


[10] Knight
WOW. That Nightmare was GOOD. Both yourself AND the Nightmare player know how to block. I wouldn't have held the patience it took to prevail that match if I were either player. Great job keeping your cool through out that match, Caspian.


[10] Knight
SUPer SUPER SUPER HIGH LEVEL MITSU PLAY. The challenge was to see how fast fenris could beat vile 5 times in arow.

Never seen anything like this. Not like vile to cry about stuff when he loses..... He wishes he could cry about lag but him and fenris get 5 bar. Sad face

Never gona give , never gona give. Give you up. give up


King of Hundred Swords
I've uploaded some of my matches to media. There is a tournament and two money matches, search it up.