Mixbox: your thoughts


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This thread is designed for experienced mixbox users or ppl who had experienced it to give their feedback on it. Other ppl including mixbox users themselves are welcome to ask questions.

With that said here's my input on my mixbox. I mainly bought the device simply for 3D fighting games; in particular Soul Calibur and Virtua Fighter. The device I bought had a crooked WASD layout and the ability to switch between regular SOCD cleaning and SOCD last win; I use SOCD last win. After a few months of playing my biggest gripe is the spacing of the 'W' and 'S' keys for moving up and down. There are times when I accidentally press both buttons at the same time like whenever I use Cervy's 8A+B gunshot I got 2A+B; same with Zas' 8A+B. This is coming from a user with short stubby fingers.

Overall, it's a decent arcade board, though not perfect it's enough to say that I could never go back to the route of using control pads.
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Not sure what you mean by hitbox buttons as both use Sanwa buttons and it doesn't have a stick; instead, it has the WASD keys for directional movement.

But for the sake of giving clarity on what the mixbox looks like, this is what I'm using.



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Oh. Sorry I was thinking of some custom sticks I saw years ago that had both the hitbox buttons and a joystick lever on the same controller.

Never seen one of these things though.