Debut: Soulcalibur V
Voice (E): Kate Higgins
Voice (J): Fuyuka Ōura
Age: 17
Birthplace: Izumo, Japan
Birthday: August 3, 1590
Blood: O
Height: 5'5" (166 cm)
Weight: 115 lbs (52 kg)
Family: Teacher / Taki
Foster mother / Chie
Fighting Style
Type: Ninja Sword x2
Weapon: Kuzukiri & Awayuki
Discipline: Musoh-Battoh-Ryu
Natsu (凪津 or ナツ) is a character in the Soul series of fighting games. Her first appearance was in the series' sixth installment, Soulcalibur V.


Bio: Soulcalibur V​

Natsu was a member of the demon-fighting Fu-Ma clan. She grew up under the harsh glares of her fellow ninja, who feared the great demon Arahabaki that was sealed within her. Some even made attempts on her life.

Thankfully, Natsu's master, Taki, protected and supported her. The young ninja came to love and respect her mentor; though she often disregarded the clan's rules, Natsu always obeyed Taki. But now it had been several months since Taki left on a mission to the western continent, and Natsu was growing oneasy. "Master said her journey would last no longer than two weeks..."

It was then that a girl named Leixia appeared at the gates of the Fu-Ma village. She expalined she was on an "adventure" to uncover the secrets of a mysterious pendant. When Leixia learned of the demon dweeling within Natsu, not only did she show no fear, but she was actually envious of Natsu. Drawn to the girl's cheerful innocence, Natsu offered to serve as her bodyguard. After all, the trip might provide an opportunity to find her missing master as well...

And so it was the two girls began their long journey west...

Character Artwork​

Art: Soulcalibur V​

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