TRADING NEC Monitors: EA243WM for an EW232WMi...

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I have a brand new NEC MultiSync EA243WM-BK monitor... its $370 on NewEgg.

I want a brand new NEC MultiSync EA232WMi-BK monitor... its $250 on NewEgg.

If someone is willing to buy a brand new EA232WMi-BK monitor, AND give me $50, I will give them an EA243WM-BK monitor. Mathematically, you would be saving $70 and getting one of the best consumer level monitors on the market. A monitor with excellent color fidelity (IPS monitors are designed for graphic artists), and with less input lag than even the heralded EVO monitors.

Why am I willing to do this? Is there something wrong with my EA243WM-BK? Well, no. There is technically nothing wrong with the 243. The issue I am having is that unlike the 232, which is 16:9, the 243 is 16:10. The native resolution of the monitor is 1920 x 1200, instead of 1920 x 1080.

But Jaxel, isn't 1200 better than 1080? Well, yes; thats 10% more screen real-estate. But my issue is that I stream a lot of video games, and the capture cards I use have a maximum input resolution of 1080p. So in order to stream, I have to lower my resolution to 1080p, which leads to incorrect aspect ratios. Most people don't notice the ever-so-slight stretching, but I do.

If you're willing to do this trade, I am only interested in brand new monitors purchased from NewEgg. I am not willing to accept a refurbished piece of shit from B&H Photo; there is a reason why everything is half price at B&H... which I don't plan on getting into.