NEC XII SC4 Full Results & Aftermath

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The final major tournament for Soulcalibur IV is now in the books here at NEC XII in Philadelphia, PA. Competitors from across North America and Europe participated in one of the toughest tournaments that I have seen during the life of this game, along with those who came to try out the demo build of Soulcalibur V.

I would like to thank everyone who came through to NEC, to the European players for flying over to compete, to the staff who helped keep things going, and to Namco Bandai for their support of NEC XII. Everyone had a hand in making NEC an amazing success.

SC4 2 on 2 Random Teams: 16 Teams

1: LongShot - Malek
2: RTD - Niz
3: DK - Lolo
4: Partisan - LostProvidence
5: Keev - FTD
5: Scud - Goofus
7: MTFighter - ZeroEffect
7: thugish_pond - Sid
9: Rigel - KPC
9: Woahhzz - Page
9: Sporko - OOFMATIC
9: FightClubHuBBs - Kira
13: HumanTyphoon - JJJ
13: AkazukinChaCha - Eli123s
13: IceColdEdge - jimmypikachuchoi
13: NDK - BlackMambaMoan


SC4 Singles: 57 Entrants
1: Woahhzz
2: Lolo
3: Scud
4: SCPartisan
5: Malek
5: RTD
7: Pantocrator
7: thugish_pond
9: DreamKiller
9: Keev
9: Mick
9: Rekki
13: ZeroEffect
13: ChaCha
13: Jian
17: Furzy
17: LP
17: Goofus
17: Ramon
17: MTFighter
17: Eli123s
17: Kira
17: Sporko
25: Aneudee
25: JJJ
25: Sid
25: OmegaXCN
25: Page
25: KPC
25: HumanTyphoon
25: ZMFallen
33: Livingshadow
33: IceColdEdge
33: JimmyPikachuChoi
33: Balack Omamba
33: NeoRussel
33: Kika
33: NDK
33: FightClubHuBBs
33: Chuck the Lancealot
33: Saion
33: Spider Fingers
33: FTD
33: Malice
33: Niz
33: P.Y.R.E
33: Rigel
49: Old Sifu
49: Why
49: Zbeast
49: JRWR7
49: Blackstar
49: Angel-sama
49: BigRichez
49: Arctic Komodo
49: Lowsweep


North America Vs Europe

Team North America: RTD, Woahhzz, DreamKiller, OOFMATIC, thugish_pond, lolo, Mick (Coach)
Team Europe: Furzy, Keev, Malek (Coach), Kira, Pantocrator, Scud

RTD defeats Furzy
RTD defeats Keev
Malek defeats RTD
Woahhzz defeats Malek
Woahhzz defeats Kira
Pantocrator defeats Woahhzz
Pantocrator defeats DreamKiller
Pantocrator defeats OOFMATIC
thugish_pond defeats Pantocrator
Scud defeats thugish_pond
lolo defeats Scud

North America WINS!

Soulcalibur V Exhibition: Ramon wins defeating Mick in Grand Finals

How I long to be there. Worst, I'm at work 4-11 So
I'm going to miss ALL THE STREAM ACTION!!!

I Heart Calibur
Yo, it's Malice. I figured that I would start this thread so that people can discuss what's going on at NEC as it happens live, so for those who want to post live updates, you can do so here.

I also want to give you my report from day one at NEC. Here's a recap of what's happened on Friday for those who were unable to attend:

Video games. Alcohol. Chicken.

But seriously, day one on Friday was mainly about getting the room that we are in setup for Soulcalibur and Tekken. Namco has brought a few SCV setups with them along with 4 TTT2 cabinets that I watch them offload at the venue.

Much of my day was spent meeting people and riding around the city with Greatone. First we had to go pick up Scud, Pantocrator, and Kira from the train station. Then we had to pick up Woahhzz because we couldn't throw him in the trunk of the car. Then we had to drive to the liquor store (for liquor obviously), then to Popeyes (for chicken obviously), then Chicago wanted some Four Loko (in all different flavors) so we had to go to the hood (which is where I live) to get that.

Came back to the hotel. Ate some chicken and played some Calibur. In this one corner of the hotel on the second floor is where much of the Calibur community is at and where the party is. Got to meet Daishi-san and Utoh-san yesterday as they randomly walked up on Bibulus and I asking where the community was at. So they came into the one room where it was packed with people and asked some questions.

Also, Mama Mia which is an Italian place that delivers to the hotel has an amazing chicken pizza and french fry pizza.

I'll post a report from day 2 sometime tonight or early tomorrow.
haha, Four Loko
How I long to be there. Worst, I'm at work 4-11 So
I'm going to miss ALL THE STREAM ACTION!!!

I Heart Calibur

You know this stuff is archived right? You should be able to watch it when you get home.

haha, Four Loko

Four Loko is the worst. I don't know who still drinks that mess besides Chicago.

Also Lolo beat Scud 5-1 in casuals. I wish I had more updates but I had to make 8 million trips to Popeyes for people because they don't know the area and don't want to get lost in the city.
Since I am sitting in my room eating a cheesesteak, I figured that I would write another update.

After a busy day of running to get liquor, cigarettes, and chicken, taking pictures, and helping out with the tournament, I'm tired. But I can't go to sleep because the party is still going, so I am going to try and make this bottle of 5 hour energy that I have last for 6 hours.

If you missed North America Vs. Europe, it was an epic match. There was a big ass crowd watching it all go down. I was talking to Utoh-san and they enjoyed watching SC4 being played at the highest level and seeing combos that they weren't even aware of.

I am also supposed to be filming a Q&A session with the devs and Bibulus. It's late now, so I need to find out when this will take place.

But everyone that I have talked to who played SCV today loved the game. I had my worries, but people are genuinely excited about this game and want to be a part of things when it does come out. I'll be back tomorrow with another update, brackets, etc.
Team North America defeats Team Europe while down to the last 2 players, lolo vs. Scud.

WHO IS IN TOP 4 FOR SC4 SINGLES????????????????????????????????????????

We're not at top 4 yet. Continuing at 12PM EST Sunday.
May the force be with ALL of you...

Oh yeah, and Lolo's victory dance astounded even Daishi-san. I was most impressed by Pat's usage of Siegfried - its kinda a shame he got knocked out near the end, I guess the pressure was getting to him.

It was also fun watching Malek use Ivy, and I cant remember the guy's name who used the Apprentice to great effect, but boy, that WAS awesome.
Oh god, I literally squealed like a fangirl when lolo won and all. Aside from that, Pantocantor was an awesome Siegfried. Pocky Yoshi was so impressed. Na-mu......I'm so happy.....Na-mu....I saw Kojima on stream.....Na-mu...I'm getting impatient for SCV....Na-mu.....
I'm reviewing the video of the interview that I took of Bibulus interviewing Daishi-san and Utoh-san. The interview went great. I should have it online in a couple of days.

Thanks Malice! I hope to see a bit of my questions answered =)

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