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Discussion in 'Nightmare' started by Tiamat, Nov 20, 2011.

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  1. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion


    GS = Grim Stride. Can enter with 236, 33B6, etc
    NSS = Night Side Stance. can enter with B+K, WR (B), etc

    Natural Combo:
    AA (34)
    (A) > NSS K (32) note: must hit close
    3AA (52)
    NSS (A) > NSS K (38) note: must hit close
    NSS (A) > NSS b:A (74)*

    *this is insanely range dependant and picky. need to hit the NSS (A) so so that you will be at NSS bA's max range or this will either whiff (too far) or get blocked (too close). was not this picky in SC3 and SC4

    Natural Combo Counter:
    4KK (49)
    A2AA (54, if the 2A part hits on CH)
    3A2A (51)
    BB (43)

    Normal Combos:
    4A > 4KK (82)
    4A > 4K BE (98) 25% meter
    1A6 > GS B (69)
    1(A)K (hits jumping opponent) > GS K BE (68) 25% meter
    66A6 > GS B (67)
    44A > GS K BE (78) (works at about round start distance)
    3(B) > NSS B (57, if you got this you probably messed up)
    3(B) > NSS b:A (75)
    3(B) > GS K BE (74) 25% meter
    WR (B) > NSS b:A (58)
    33B6 > small delay GS B (66)
    33B > A+B (55, 63 if they tech)
    33B > G (turn around if needed) > 2A+B (68)
    33B6 > G (turn around) 2A+B (68)
    33B BE > 2A+B (67, pathetic damage for a BE combo) 25% meter
    33B BE > 4BB (77) 25% meter
    33B BE > delay 66B (82) 25% meter
    66B > 3B (76)
    66B > normal agA (73)
    NSS A+B > 2A+B (64)
    NSS A+B > 66B (71 if 66B hits twice)
    NSS A+B > agA (54, note that I have not verified this one)
    44(B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (84)
    44(B) > NSS A+B > 66B (90)
    GS B > 3B (57)
    GS B > normal agA (67)
    GS B6 > GS B6 > GS K (90)
    GS B6 > GS B6 > GS K BE (109) 25% meter
    22K > 4KK (83)
    22K > 4K BE (99) 25% meter

    FC B+G > 2K (44)

    22K > 2B+K BE (70, this also tech traps all directions) 25% meter

    CE (auto GI vs jump attack) > 3B (88) 50% meter

    running low slide kick > 2A+B (62) (attack throw fails on some characters like pyrrha)

    CH Combos:
    6K > 1A (47)
    CH 6(B) > NSS K > 2A+B (64)
    CH GS A > 6(B) > NSS K > 2A+B (72)
    CH WR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (73)
    CH WR (B) > NSS A+B > 66B (80)

    Wall combos:
    3AA (near edge/wall) 3B (77 but damage is highly variable)
    B+G > w! > 2A+B (86) *small delay of the 2A+B ensures it connects properly
    FC B+G > w! (G to turn around) > 4KK > w! > iWR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (114)
    3(B) > GS K BE > w! > 4KK > w! > iWR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (145) 25% meter
    1A6/66A6 > GS K BE > w! > 4KK > w! > iWR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (147) 25% meter
    GS B6 > GS B6 > GS K BE > w! > 4KK > w! > iWR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (171) 25% meter
    CH WR (B) > NSS A+B > GS K BE > w! > 4KK > w! > 3B > 2A+B (122) 25% meter
    11(B) > NSS A+B > GS K BE > w! > 4KK > w! > iWR (B) > NSS A+B > 2A+B (139) 25% meter

    Notes: Generally, after a 4KK splat you can go to 3B > NSS b:A/2A+B instead of iWR B if you wish. 3B > 2A+B does less damage than iWR B but is easier. Also, you cannot get two WR B stuns in the same combo. Ending wall combos with 2A+B will generally result in you having more meter at the end of your combo than you did when you started, even if you used a GS K BE in it.

    Damage listed is approximate and assumes you got the JF version of the move if there is one (unless stated otherwise). Damage listed also does not account for clean hits. If there is an error with any combo please let me know. More combos soon.
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  2. Tiamat

    Tiamat [11] Champion


    Most of SC5 NM's tech traps are a mixture of GS B and 44B after big knockdowns like 2(k), 33bBE, etc. GS B catches left ukemi, 44B catches right. They both hit grounded.

    After NSS A+B, 66B catches all ukemi and grounded. It has to be delayed slightly against larger characters.

    3B catches all ukemi and grounded on most backturned knockdowns like 33B or 4kBE against a BT opponent, or 2b+kBE on a grounded BT opponent.

    In situations where 3B would tech trap, 2(k) is your go-to dead trap. If they don't ukemi but just block, they'll wakeup into an unavoidable 2(k), which gives you the 44b/GS B mixup.

    1A will catch all ukemi after big knockdowns like 2(k), but smaller characters can ukemi out of it to NM's right. It also catches all ukemi after CH 6K and hits grounded, though it will sometimes whiff if CH 6K hits a BT opponent.

    CH 6K > 1A (guaranteed and catch all tech)
    CH NSS K > iFC grab (catch all tech; if you do it asap it will head pickup, but otherwise is blockable if they dont tech)
    CH NSS K > delay 3B (catches all tech vs pyrrha, not sure if char specific yet)
    22K > 2B+K BE (catch all tech and also a combo)
    3AA (near edge/wall) GS K BE (tech right evades this. depending on the angle left tech can too)
    3AA (near edge/wall) 1A (if they tech right they can block it, otherwise its free)

    Below is a list of techtraps compiled by Starscream from the combo&tech trap discussion thread. I haven't verified them all myself so if there are errors let Sp1d3r know.

    -> 1[A] slight charge catches all tech

    33_99B BE
    -> 1A will catch tech to NM's left...
    -> 4A+Bg, FC 3B/3AA catch right tech
    -> 4A+Bg, 3B catch left tech, very specific timing though
    -> 4A+B - will not catch left roll

    -> 1K (47)
    -> 3B (63) , doesnt cover left
    -> WRB (99) , techtrap, doesnt cover left

    33B GS
    -> press G to turn around 3B

    -> WRB (79 or 109 for the full animation, it depends of the distance). No left

    -> 2B+KBE

    -> 22A tech trap
    -> 1A tech left ? [needs to be tested]
    -> 3B delayed until he rolls > NSS ibA (100)
    -> GSS B6 > GSS B6 > GSS K BE (146)
    -> 44B > NSS A+B (94++)
    -> 33B BE (71++) If they tech right
    -> 1A6, GSB (101) catches right and back ? [needs to be tested]

    Running K into 2[K] tech trap

    NSS A+B
    -> 1A slight charge, covers left
    -> 44B slight delay, covers right
    -> 66B slight delay, covers all
    -> NSS A+B x9 (death!) if they tech front
    -> NSS A+B > 44B > NSS A+B > NSS A+B > 6BB > NSS ibA (death) if they tech back
    -> NSS A+B > NSS A+B > 44B > NSS A+B > NSS A+B > 44B > NSS A+B (230!) if they tech left

    OTG 2B+K BE
    -> 3B is tech trap (pyrrha can left tech to evade 3B and 1A whiffs too - tiamat)
    -> 1A is tech trap (but can be negated with late crouch guard)
    -> This one is hard, it can combo, it can also techtrap into a bounce stun.

    Found in the future press guide
    CH WR(B), NSS GS, delay, GS B6, GS B6, GS K BE (103 damage and catches right and back)
    66A, delay, 1A 6, GSK BE (116 damage and catches all)
    33B BE, delay, 44(B), NSS A+B, 3A+B (122 damage and catches left and back)
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