Nightmare Matchup Reference Guide

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Demon Beaver
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Ezio Auditore​
α Patroklos​
Ω Pyrrha​


Demon Beaver

1A - WR K
1K - WR (B)
11K - FC 3B
11B - WR K
66K - 6B
BBB - step between any of the hits and punish
3B - 6K (only if close block)

his 11(A) and 66B goes to his Sand Winger stance. From this stance he only has a K followup unless he does BE fireball or BE fireball cancel. All are punishable by a sidestep to a 3B/33B, though you'll get air hit if he does the BEs and you attack too quickly.

-Duck second hit of 6bb and punish with wr A or standing 3B.
-Step qflip A+B B to your left. You can punish with 33bBE or GS B.
-Step out of his BT b+k BT a+b vortex by stepping the spikes to your left. The timing is tight though. Alternatively, you can backstep or use A+B. Algol might not do the spikes and instead could go for a grab or something else, so be careful.
-Punish qflip K with 4kBE.
-22a is 0 on block; remember that. The most common options after a blocked 22a from Algol is to 2a or backstep.
-You can JG 3bb for a 3b or step it to your right for a free GS B/4A/44B. If you fail to do either of these, you can punish with 6k.
-His 11_77k are pretty big disadvantage on hit; but they can ring you out. Remember he has them, and attack if they hit you. They're both wr B punishable on block.
-Be sure to duck the second hit of his 6kk
-JG or step his wr K(K). He can stop the GB early though, but if he charges it too long its still steppable. If he charges it right, it becomes unsteppable, but its wr B punishable on block.
-44AB is 4kBE punishable, though the pushback could make it whiff. You can JG it for a free 3B, but its difficult timing.
-2b+k B becomes steppable to your right at tip range.
-Duck the second hit of 6AAB and punish with wr A or B. If he finishes the string, you'll get a CH.
-Qflip B and K are both steppable to your left. However, the timing is very delayed, so you'll have to practice it. Qflip A will kill your step, but if you use 99K to step you'll be fine.

-You mainly want to step to his left; its his weak side.
-Step the second hit of bb6 to his left. He can mix up with grabs and 4a, so be careful. You don't want to block bb6 since its +2, so if he's killing your step, try to JG it, though its only -13 on that way.
-JG is your best friend; learn to JG 22_88b, 66k BE, 44(a), 4(b), and AB on reaction.
-Instead of JG, you might want to step 66kBE to your right for a GS B/4A/44B. FYI, 66kBE is extremely hard to step at tip range. You can also a+b the second hit for easy mode.
-If you get hit with 66kBE, 22b is a forceblock that you MIGHT be able to JG, though it will be very hard. 2B+G/A+G is a tech trap and 2A is guaranteed. If you stay down, he gets 4B or another bullrush BE.
-Its a good idea to tech backwards or forwards in this matchup. Doing so will allow you enough time to step, interrupt, or JG/GI his 22B oki (mainly after a CH 66k or 44a); though don't be too predictable with this.
-His B command throw can ring out and wallsplat to the right, left, and forward directions. His A command throw can ring out and wallsplat behind him and to his right slightly.
-JG 1aa and step 1ab. If you JG 1aa, you get 33bBE and GS B, though 33bBE might be the better option in most cases since the GS B is meaty, due to Astaroth recovering in crouch. Stepping 1ab gives you whatever you want, namely 4a and GS B.
-Learn to step his fully charged 66(k) on reaction. It eats up the guard gauge and is advantage on block. The further he is, the more advantage he gets. If you JG it, its safe. You're only option is to step it and punish, though the recovery is very good, making it hard to punish properly. Also, its hitbox is insane, so stepping it might not even work some times. You could always GI it too, but don't forget he can reGI.
-66k and 66k BE destroy your stance game. Against a competent Astaroth, don't bother with most NSS and GS mixups. The exceptions being 66K and 44b. At the tipmost range, you can 3(b) into backstep to make 66k whiff, but that's a dangerous gamble.
-66k is an exception because you can hit-confirm your 66k6 into a GS A if you hit a 66k BE, and it will GI the followup bullrush. Also, 66k6 GS A will beat out a bullrush, but he can alter his timing. If he does, you can do 66k into JG to catch it. Its a mixup game, and one that is in your favor.
-44b is an exception because you can mixup 44(b) and 44b into tricking astaroth into thinking he gets a free 66k, giving you a free JG/step after 44b.
-Don't break ground throws (1a+g/b+g) when he has meter. There's a glitch that allows him to get a 66k BE for free if you do, but not a normal 66k.
-Be sure to duck 6aa for a free wr A, wr B, fc 3b, or standing 3b.



Ezio Auditore
1A - WR (B)
11K - WR (B) note: this low is + on hit
6K2 - 66B (lol) on guard, 4K BE free if hits
33BB - step after 1st hit and whiff punish 2nd hit
2B+K (low crossbow shot) - FC 3B if in range
CE - WR (B)

33A mid can go to high or low crossbow
A+B headbutt thing and 6B+K high crossbow can go to sideroll low shot


CE - 3AA


3B - K
1KK - can jump 2nd hit on block, but can't directly block punish either hit
2A+B - FC 3B, she can cancel this move
WR A+B - WR B after 1st hit is blocked
CE - agA, 4K BE

CE - agA



Demon Beaver

Discussion Thread
AAB - 6K
1A - FC 3B
PO B+K - she is on ground after it is blocked so you get free 1K/FC B. you can try to force a block with 66B or GS B here for guage damage
66B BE - duck 2nd hit (the guard break) for free FC 3B or wr A
6A+B/6A+B4- after blocking this it appears that 66K is 100% guarnateed and beats all options. However, 66k will lose to the PO BE. To Counter this, use 66k6 GS B - it will cause the BE to whiff and punish PO K should they do it.

-You can punish 66b with 6b at most ranges, except for tip range 66b.
-If you get hit with NH 6a+b4, begin to immediately 8wayrun to your right; this will cause PO A, PO a6, and PO B to whiff should she fail the combo or go for PO B.
-If you get hit with NH 6a+b4 and she does not fail the combo, tech backwards. Doing so will cause both bombs to whiff, except near a wall or edge. However, even near a wall or edge, you can react to the bombs; block 4a+b and jump 2a+b. If you stay down though, 1a is guaranteed for 60+ damage.
-You can ukemi to your right to avoid both bomb traps after the 22b 66bBE combo, except near a wall or edge or if you're backturned. At a wall or edge, it becomes a guessing game. Uekmi to avoid 44kk into wallbounce, or stay down to avoid the bomb traps.
-If you get hit with 66b BE, you can tech left to avoid 4a+b or back/right to avoid 2a+b. Its a guessing game, and it might be smarter to stay down, though most Natsu's assume you don't know this/don't know this themselves and go for 4a+b at first.
-If you block 4a+b, NSS K will beat all her options except PO B+K , PO A, and hover. GS A will beat all options, except PO B+K and cause hover and PO BE to whiff. 88b will beat all options, except PO A. Of course, to stop all of this, she can just not go into PO and instead block.
-Punish her 8ka with 4kBE. Also, the A tends to whiff if you're not in close distance, which lets you get a 3B, though its hard to judge sometimes.
-As spider said, punish AAB with 6k. Alternatively, you can try to JG the last hit of AAB for a free 3B. The timing is tricky, but definitely worth getting down.
-Punish a:6 with 6k. DO NOT let her think she get away with this move for free.
-A:6 kills your GS game. And I mean it kills every option after 66k6 and 33b6. Although 33b done at tip range will cause it to whiff, letting you get a 3b.
-Despite her being able to effectively stop your GS, she doesn't have a fool-proof way to stop NSS.
-A:6 kills all your options after wr B. However, 44b and 3b put her in crouch, so you can beat her out before she can RCC.
-Her common options after a blocked 3b are wr aa, wr K, 66k, 2a, and 66k.
-After 3(b), NSS K will beat out wr aa and 66k. bA will beat 66b and 66k. wr K beats everything at makeout distance, but loses to bA and NSS (4) at any other distance. 2a will stuff all options, but will whiff if you just stay still for a moment, giving you NSS A+B.
-Punish 66k with 66k.
-Punish 6ab with k and duck 6ak.
-You can't punish 66ab because of the pushback, so you'll have to JG and punish with 3b.


Guard Punishes:
3AA - 6A if in range
4K BE - duck 2nd hit for free CH WR B combo
GS B6 - 3AA stuffs all GS options guaranteed. however, if he does GS B without going to GS again you whiff
3K is guaranteed if he GS after 33B/66K6/etc on guard

-FC3B is guaranteed after a blocked 3B.

1A- WR (B)
1K - WR (B)
11K - WR (B) only if close
2A+B - FC 3B
CE - 4K BE

-JG 66aBE - you get GS B and 4a if you do.

-After blocking his 66A, it pushes back enough to a range where you can utilize NM's wtf grab range.
-The use of 9k should be more emphasized, as it is useful against his low mixup kicks and also doesn't give him a followup to his 66B combo when hit.
-The B in his 236 AB can be stepped, backstepped, which you can punish with a GSB. It can also be dodged by NSS and punished with NSS bA
-236A upon blocked can be punished by aGa, or 6A. Would recommend the latter due to the lack of errors upon input.
-His 236B can be punished by 4k BE
-The second B in his 6BBB combo can be ducked, allowing you to step the last B or punish with wrB.
-The success of this MU IMO is mainly based on how well you can react to his grabs and 1k's. Spacing is pretty much useless in this MU due to his 66B, 66A.

Discussion Thread
1K - WR K


1AA - WR (B)
SBH A (enter with B+K) - WR (B)



-Her B grab is a frontal RO. BOTH B grabs ring out forward.
-Her A grab is a reverse RO - it has deceptive RO range, so watch yourself.
-You can GS A the last hit of her SET AAB and BBB.
-To stop 44ABE, step the first orb to your right and then step forward and cancel your step into A+B. Right step into GS A also works here.
-6ab and 6aa is a high/low mixup. Block low to stop both.
-You mainly want to step to your right in this matchup.
-Practice GIing her SET 6B+K. Its worth it, especially considering NM's great GI game.
-A+B is an invaluable tool in this match up. She can't punish the revenge A+B at range, so use it, but don't abuse it.
-88b is also unpunishable in this matchup.

1A (goes to BS) - WR (B)
2A+B - WR (B)
BS 2A+B - FC 3B
CR A+B (236A+B) - FC 3B

Flapjack can catch him even if backturned unlike previous games.
If you block his CE he has options so I haven't found anything guaranteed. Might not be anything.

3BK - 2nd hit duckable for FC 3B

3B - 6K
214A - WR B
FC 3K - FC 3B
Flea/Indian A - WR B
CE - FC 3B

step right avoids DGF B/K but lose to DGF A


α Patroklos

Ω Pyrrha Discussion
Guard Punishes:
1AA - 3B
4AB - 4K BE
3B - 4K BE (be quick)

CE - 3B
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