Online Patroklos Roster


Hot Dog
Everyone post your tag here, your location and availability and feel free to add any of us if you want to get some experience against Pat.

XBL - jonnitti
PSN - jonnitti
Location - NJ
Availability - I'm on XBL a lot but PSN I don't have available to me all the time. Usually for only part of the year since my school's internet has had a lot of problems with it in the past.


[11] Champion
XBL - No Xbox :/
PSN - Mrblueboyb
Location - CA
Availability - I usually go on PSN every day, so just hit me up if you want to have experience against my pat :D


[10] Knight
XBL - WolfLoneThe
PSN - MarvelAssassin9(I may get on this like once a month or less so yeah...... I don't like PSN)
Location - UK
Availability - I've kinda reduced the amount I play a bit recently but I'm usually on every few days just to keep the rust off.


[09] Warrior
XBL & PSN: Revin122
Location: CA
Availability - just message me. if i dont reply, most likely its not me playing...